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Newsletter Worth Reading: OrganicBytes

[ I’ve sung the praises of, DemocracyNow!, and other sites before. Now it’s worth bringing OrganicBytes (from to your attention! There’s an excerpt of the newsletter below. FYI: It only comes out every week or two. –BL ] Organic Bytes #49 Food and Consumer News Tidbits with an Edge! 1/28/2005 Subscribe __________________________________ ALERT: NEW EPA DEAL LETS FACTORY FARMS POLLUTE AIR WITHOUT RESTRICTION The day after the inauguration, January 21, the Bush Administration signed an agreement that allows factory farms to freely violate any and all clean air standards for the next two years, and forgives these same companies […]

Martin Luther King’s Anti-war Words Ring True Today

[ I hope you’ve been keeping up with the latest news via,, and other sites. I thought this piece from the Herald an especially poignant reminder of Martin Luther King’s relevance to our current situation. –BL ] 05 Jan. 17 | Miami Herald by KEVIN DANAHER and TONY NEWMAN We usually honor great historical figures by studying their entire body of work. For many years, every January, Americans have heard 30 seconds of Martin Luther King Jr. from the I Have a Dream speech. It was a great speech, but why do we never hear the many speeches […]

Baboons, Humans, and Aggression

The end of war excerpted from 30 Dec. 2004 | Toronto Star by GWYNNE DYER The good news for humans is that it looks like peaceful conditions, once established, can be maintained. And if baboons can do it, why not us? ? Frans de Waal, Yerkes Primate Centre, Emory University About 20 years ago, a disaster struck the Forest Troop of baboons in Kenya. There was a tourist lodge within their range, and the biggest and toughest males in the troop would regularly go to the garbage dump there to forage for food. Subordinate males, however, did not go — […]