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Rocket Fuel Chemical in Breast Milk?

Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk of Women in 18 States 24 February 2005 | LiveScience.com by Robert Roy Britt A toxic component of rocket fuel has been found in breast milk of women in 18 states and store-bought

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John Adams: “the Government of the United States…is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion”

[ In light of all the negative attention Bill Maher has gotten from predominantly religious groups such as Concerned Women for America and the American Family Association for his remark that “religion is a neurological disorder,” it’s worth noting that

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Healthcare in U.S. Most Expensive Per Capita in Industrialized World

Health care tab ready to explode: Costs could be 19% of economy by 2014 24 Feb. 2005 | USA TODAY (Page 1A) by Julie Appleby The nation’s tab for health care — already the highest per person in the industrialized

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Bush Nominates Convict to be First Director of National Intelligence

by Brendan Lalor In yet another loss for human rights and peace, Bush nominated John Negroponte — his previous ambassador to the U.N. and recently to Iraq — to be the first director of national intelligence. Negroponte is a Reagan-era

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2018: The Magic Number (Alarm, Deception, and Social Security)

4 Feb. 2005 | AlterNet by Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research Sometimes a number can take on great significance as a symbol. The number on a famous athlete’s uniform, or the date of an

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All Players Gained From ‘Oil-for-Food’

3 February 2005 | Los Angeles Times On the U.N. Security Council, competing national interests and economic stakes in Iraq chilled willingness to scrutinize the program. by Maggie Farley UNITED NATIONS — It was the summer of 1990, and Saddam

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