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"Socrates," by Mitch Francis

Socrates in Plato’s Apology

Our text comes from Plato: The Collected Dialogues (17a to 42a), Eds. Huntington and Cairns. Trans. Hugh Tredennick. Princeton University Press, 1961. 4-26. I have included some section headings from Jowett’s translation. I’ve used a [hilite bg=”yellow”]highlighter[/hilite] so that you should be able to read the marked portions for an overview on your first look through.[stephanusnote][avatars][oohcol][/oohcol]
"MLK," by Mitch Francis

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter

Our text is King’s “The Letter from Birmingham Jail” – an “open letter” of April 16, 1963. [avatars] [oohcol] [commentary][oohead class=”centerhead”]King’s Philosophy of Civil Disobedience[/oohead]Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was a philosophically inspired Civil Rights leader. Here, he defends nonviolent resistance to injustice as a strategy or tool in the service of a noble goal. It’s not just acceptable, but imperative: In this kind of case, people have a moral responsibility to break unjust laws. Typographical errors are from the original source and thus have not been corrected. Reading Questions: To whom is King […]

"Plato," by Mitch Francis

Plato’s Republic

Our selections come from the common Jowett translation of Plato’s Republic. For further study, I recommend C.D.C. Reeve’s better, albeit non-free, translation for Hackett Publishing, from 2004. [pretty-pdf][stephanusnote] I’ve inserted speaker-labels (e.g., Socrates) to indicate the flow of dialogue — even in cases where Socrates is reporting what the speaker said. Once characters are established, I thin them out. [avatars] [republic_contents dead=”3713,3715,3719,5978,3976″] [blockylist tag=”Plato,Socrates”]