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A Sample Contents

Here’s a sample of readings drawn from the Texts on this site: We open with some “Socratic Lives” – that of Martin Luther King, Jr., and that gadfly on which King in part modeled himself: Socrates. Each in his way, these thinkers were doers. Challengers of the status quo beliefs, they called for rational consistency and for justice. Each in his way created a situation of what King called “constructive tension,” in which we – as individuals and as “society” – must confront ourselves, and respond to the challenges of consistency and justice. (Warning: Carrying such a message can be […]

About Open Philosophy

[oohcol] Open Philosophy is a dynamic anthology of “open access texts” you would expect to find assigned in college philosophy courses. The works are curated, edited, and annotated by Brendan Lalor. They vary in length and depth of annotation. Some are short with little commentary; others feature definitions, historical context, conceptual explanations, film clips, provocations, and original and classic art. It is “free” in Richard Stallman's sense of “free beer” (you pay nothing; there’s no price barrier, so it’s gratis). Here are some key ideas and features. [oohead]Open & free[/oohead] As an open access text, Open Philosophy is “open” in […]