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The Perfect Moral Storm: Philosophers Respond to the Impending Anthropogenic Apocalypse

For at least the next 200 years, weather forecasts predict shitstorms, with global temperatures now set to remain elevated for hundreds of years to come. The latest IPCC report explains that our emissions are nearing the point of no return. Even if industrialized nations switched to solar power overnight, it is now too late to fully reverse the planet’s course. Geologists have officially termed this new epoch, where the human species has irreparably shaped earth’s geological history, the Anthropocene. Policymakers no longer have the luxury to decide how we might “stop” global warming. Instead, we have to figure out how we’ll manage amidst climate instability.
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20 Cognitive Biases

20 Cognitive Biases

An iconic taxonomy of bias.

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Mushrooms I’ve Known

Vermont forest shroom shots.

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The Birthday Dirge

Ilya Yefimovich Repin's painting, Barge Haulers on the Volga (1870-73).

What is “The Birthday Dirge”? “The Birthday Dirge” is sung to the tune of “The Volga Boatmen”. If you don’t know the tune by name, you know it by sound. It’s the depressing sounding Russian folk tune that nearly everyone

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Surviving a Police Encounter: A Guide for Non-whites in America

Non-white? Waiting for justice? While you wait, here are some “Dos and Don’ts” should you encounter police:“Surviving a Police Encounter: A Guide for African Americans,” by Christopher Keelty
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Plato’s Republic (reading five)

"Plato," by Mitch Francis
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Rights: The bureaucracy of ethics

Okay, “Rights: The bureaucracy of ethics” is an album title, not a band name. I admit it.

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Can The Existence of God be Proved?

God, from Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel fresco.
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Mr. X by Carl Sagan

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Mill’s “On Liberty”

"John Stuart Mill," by Mitch Francis
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