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How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience

Out of Body Experience

Greg Stevens, Science Correspondent, The Kernel, Thursday, 10 April 2014 You can have an out of body experience right now, and it isn’t even that hard. Some people can do it more easily than others, and it may take a

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Leopold’s Land Ethic

Aldo Leopold on Rimrock above the Rio Gavilan in northern Mexico
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Are Student Loans Immoral?

NYU sociologist Andrew Ross

by Andrew Ross, The Daily Beast (09.27.12). Millions of grads are saddled with unpayable student loans, yet colleges still say they’re a sound investment. NYU professor Andrew Ross asks if it’s time to stop repaying the loans. Straight talk about

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What Matters to the Dead?

NYU Professor of Philosophy, Samuel Scheffler

by SAMUEL SCHEFFLER. The New York Times, “The Stone,” September 21, 2013 I believe in life after death. No, I don’t think that I will live on as a conscious being after my earthly demise. I’m firmly convinced that death

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Why Future Business Leaders Need Philosophy

Business Needs Philosophy

BigThink – August 3, 2013 by Anders Poulsen In the wake of the financial crisis, an era of severe turbulence, rapid changes and increasing complexity has emerged. A black cloud hangs over the past decade’s economic prosperity and global consumption

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Tylenol Helps Clear Up Existential Dread, Psychology Study Claims

Meds & Existential Dread

by Roxanne Palmer | April 16 2013 2:50 PM, International Business Times
[ Thanks to Chelsea Smith for passing this piece along. ~BL ]
“Pain extends beyond tissue damage and hurt feelings, and includes the distress and  existential angst&nb…

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Why Philosophy?

Philosophy and GRE scores

Reason #9:

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How to Operate Your Brain: An Owner’s Manual

Timothy Leary (Los Angeles, 1989)

I just saw Limitless (which was ponderously provocative), and recalled this Leary piece. by Timothy Leary You might catch yourself sliding in and out … relax and enjoy it. This is an experiment in mind formation, in-formation, forming, controlling, operating

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Well-Known Philosophy Majors

by Brendan Lalor I believe it was the good philosophers at Belmont University, who started the list of well-known people who were philosophy majors. The folks at at Eastern Kentucky University added significantly to the list. The list is reprinted

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Republicans Outnumbered in Academia, Studies Find

[ It could be that more academics are liberal because that’s what (generally) happens to people who devote their lives to the expansion of the mind. Thanks to Michael Roselius for passing this article along. –BL ] November 18, 2004 |

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The Perfect Moral Storm: Philosophers Respond to the Impending Anthropogenic Apocalypse

For at least the next 200 years, weather forecasts predict shitstorms, with global temperatures now set to remain elevated for hundreds of years to come. The latest IPCC report explains that our emissions are nearing the point of no return. Even if industrialized nations switched to solar power overnight, it is now too late to fully reverse the planet's course. Geologists have officially termed this new epoch, where the human species has irreparably shaped earth's geological history, the Anthropocene. Policymakers no longer have the luxury to decide how we might "stop" global warming. Instead, we have to figure out how we'll manage amidst climate instability.

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