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U.S. Use of Depleted Uranium Munitions Kills Civilians

[ The effect of the U.S.’s armor-piercing shells made of depleted uranium (DU) lingers long in Afganistan and Iraq, leaving high levels of radiation, and causing birth defects and cancers. Last year, Congressmember Jim McDermott (D-WA) introduced a bill which called for the study of the health effects of DU; to my knowledge, no action has been taken on the bill.  Thanks to Ola Dadlez for the article below.–doclalor ] Silent Genocide March 25, 2004, Tribune Media Services by Robert C. Koehler “After the Americans destroyed our village and killed many of us, we also lost our houses and have nothing to […]

Bush Oiling the Draft Machine?

[ In recent months, the Bush Administration has been oiling the draft machine, reactivating draft boards and even entertaining the possibility of drafting those with computer and language skills. Why? The Cochran article below reports that according to a poll conducted by the military newspaper Stars and Stripes, a whopping 49 percent of soldiers stationed in Iraq say they don’t intend to reenlist — even with the Army offering a $10,000 bonus…. the first [draft] lottery could happen as early as June 15th, 2005. –doclalor ] The Coming Draft March 25, 2004, AlterNet by Connor Freff Cochran In 1973, forced conscription […]

Beware of Attempts to Revive Military Draft

December 22, 2003, New York Newsday by Bob Keeler It has been 30 years since the last time an American entered the armed forces through the not-so-tender mercies of the draft, on June 30, 1973. The next time could be just around the corner, if President George W. Bush is re-elected. No, no, no, a thousand times no, say the White House, the Pentagon and Congress. They insist they have no plans for a draft. In any case, take this to the bank: It will not happen before Nov. 2, 2004. Still, the rumors refuse to die, and it was […]

‘Special skills draft’ on drawing board

Computer experts, foreign language specialists lead list of military’s needs by Eric Rosenberg, Hearst Newspapers March 13, 2004, San Francisco Chronicle Washington — The government is taking the first steps toward a targeted military draft of Americans with special skills in computers and foreign languages. The Selective Service System has begun the process of creating the procedures and policies to conduct such a targeted draft in case military officials ask Congress to authorize it and the lawmakers agree to such a request.