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Now America accuses Iran of complicity in World Trade Center attack

[ According to the Sunday Herald (18 July 2004), an anonymous U.S. government official promised that ?If George Bush is re-elected there will be much more intervention in the internal affairs of Iran,? and that “military action would not be overt in changing Iran, but rather that the US would work to stir revolts in the country and hope to topple the current conservative religious leadership.” –BL ] 18 July 2004 | Telegraph [London] by Julian Coman in Washington Iran gave free passage to up to 10 of the September 11 hijackers just months before the 2001 attacks and offered to […]

Skelton sees burden of war in rural U.S.

[ From the piece: 47.8 percent of the soldiers and Marines killed in Afghanistan came from towns of fewer than 20,000 people. In Iraq, 43.2 percent of the American war dead were from those smaller communities. Nationally, 22.5 percent of the population lives in towns under 20,000 in population. Thanks to the Oklahoma Committee for Conscientious Objectors forwarding the article. –BL ] 8 July 2004 | Kansas City Star