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Florida Reveals It Lost Electronic Voting Records

28 July 2004 | DemocracyNow! Keywords: electronic, voting, machines In election news, The New York Times is reporting that almost all of the electronic voting records from the first widespread use of touch-screen voting in Miami-Dade County have been lost. The touch screen voting machines were used for the 2002 gubernatorial race. All of the data disappeared after two computer crashes last year making it impossible for an audit or recount. The loss was discovered by the Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition which claims the loss of data highlights the problem with electronic voting. An attorney with the group said “This […]

Corporate America throws Democrats a $50 million party

28 July 2004 | World Socialist Web Site by Patrick Martin The Democratic National Convention underway in Boston will be the most expensive political spectacle ever staged in the history of the United States—at least until next month, when an even more lavish commercial advertisement will be staged in New York City for the Republican Party. Both events are being bankrolled by giant corporations, which are making use of the conventions as a form of legalized bribery of favored politicians. Under federal election laws, the Democrats and Republicans each receive $15 million in taxpayer funds to pay the costs of […]

While the Dutch Administration Stepped Down in Shame, the Clinton Administration “Saw No Evil”

Bystanders to Mass Murder 21 April 2002 | Washington Post by Samantha Power Last week, for the first time in history, a Western government resigned because it was a bystander to genocide. On Tuesday the popular Dutch prime minister, Wim Kok, and his cabinet stepped down in response to a 7,600-page report that faulted the Dutch government and army for sending a flimsy posse of some 400 Dutch peacekeepers on an “ill-conceived and virtually impossible” mission to protect Bosnian Muslims in the U.N. safe area of Srebrenica.

U.S.-linked Iraqi Leaders Plan to Curtail Critical Expression/Speech

Iraq sets up committee to impose restrictions on news reporting July 27 2004 | Financial Times by Nicolas Pelham in Baghdad Iyad Allawi, Iraq’s prime minister, has established a media committee to impose restrictions on print and broadcast media, a government official announced yesterday. The step underlines an aggressive new attitude towards press freedoms, in spite of US efforts to nurture independent media. Ibrahim Janabi, appointed to head the new Higher Media Commission, told the FT the restrictions – known as “red lines” – had yet to be finalised, but would include unwarranted criticism of the prime minister. He singled […]