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“First time a broad spectrum of the scientific community has opposed a president’s overall science policy”

Science, Politics Collide in Election Year 14 August 2004 | Associated Press by MATT CRENSON With more than 4,000 scientists, including 48 Nobel Prize winners, having signed a statement opposing the Bush administration’s use of scientific advice, this election year is seeing a new development in the uneasy relationship between science and politics. In the past, individual scientists and science organizations have occasionally piped up to oppose specific federal policies such as Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars missile defense plan. But this is the first time that a broad spectrum of the scientific community has expressed opposition to a president’s overall […]

Report Finds Tax Cuts Heavily Favor the Wealthy

12 August 2004 | New York Times by EDMUND L. ANDREWS WASHINGTON – Fully one-third of President Bush’s tax cuts in the last three years have gone to people with the top 1 percent of income, who have earned an average of $1.2 million annually, according to a report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office to be published Friday. The report calculated that households with incomes in that top 1 percent were receiving an average tax cut of $78,460 this year, while households in the middle 20 percent of earnings – averaging about $57,000 a year – were getting an […]

Saletan Explains Kerry’s Consistency Against Bush’s Flip-Flop Charges

[ While I am no fan of Kerry, it is worth looking at Saletan’s account of Kerry’s consistency on issues the Bush campaign appeals to in its attempt to paint Kerry as a “flip-flopper.” Thanks to Alexandra Dadlez for forwarding the article. –BL ] Would Kerry Vote Today for the Iraq War? No. 12 August 2004 | Slate.com by William Saletan Last Friday, President Bush challenged Sen. John Kerry: “My opponent hasn’t answered the question of whether, knowing what we know now, he would have supported going into Iraq.” On Monday, pressed by a reporter to answer Bush, Kerry said, “Yes, […]

Political Leaders and Activists Announce Support for Venezuelan President Chavez

excerpted from Aug 12, 2004 | U.S. Newswire Keywords: Chavez, Venezuela August 12, 2004 Dear President Chavez, We are writing to express our solidarity during this important moment in Venezuela’s history. It is our hope and expectation that, on August 15, you will once again win an electoral mandate from the Venezuelan people to be their president. The world knows that you are achieving something remarkable in Venezuela: you are investing your country’s vast oil wealth in ways that benefit everyone, not just small minority of well- connected elites. Over the last year your government’s literacy campaign taught one million […]

White supremacist wins Republican nomination for Tennessee congressional seat

14 August 2004 | World Socialist Web Site by Patrick Martin In a development that reveals more about the nature of the US Republican Party than countless media handouts from the Bush reelection campaign, a virulent racist and white supremacist has won the party?s nomination as its candidate in the 8th Congressional District of Tennessee. James L. Hart, a proponent of eugenics who calls for the elimination of racial minorities and the poor through a ?war on poverty genes,? won the Republican primary August 6, and will be the party?s candidate in the November election against eight-term incumbent Democrat John […]