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We Knew It!: The U.S. Continues to Thwart Haitian Democracy

We’ve seen a lot of obfuscation come out of the State Department about Haiti before. Now this. Wikileaks Haiti: The Aristide Files Kim Ives and Ansel Herz | The Nation. August 5, 2011 US officials led a far-reaching international campaign aimed at keeping former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide exiled in South Africa, rendering him a virtual prisoner there for the last seven years, according to secret US State Department cables. The cables show that high-level US and UN officials even discussed a politically motivated prosecution of Aristide to prevent him from “gaining more traction with the Haitian population and returning […]

Haiti: the forgotten milestone in Bush?s crusade for ?freedom?

12 March 2005 | World Socialist Web Site by Bill Van Auken Dozens of Haitian men, women and children drowned when their rickety homemade craft went down in the waters of the Caribbean, the Associated Press reported Thursday. Some 50 people had crowded onto the boat, which sank under their weight. Three survivors made it ashore to tell of the disaster, while officials reported recovering nine bodies, which were buried in a mass grave. ?There?s nothing we can do,? said Cap-Haitien Mayor Apile Fleurent. ?We?re just waiting to see how many bodies are brought in by the waves.? While the […]

Propaganda from the U.S. State Department About Haiti

[ After helping orchestrate and support a coup against Aristide, the democratically elected leader of Haiti, U.S. officials have the audacity to complain that Haitian supporters of their former leader have still not accepted the U.S. interference in their country’s political process! Also notice how the Reuters piece below lets stand Boucher’s deceiving, propagandistic characterization of Aristide as using “street gangs to spread violence and political repression.” The article implies that the murders are committed by supporters of Aristide, but fails to mention the fatal attacks against hundreds of Aristide supporters after the U.S. coerced Aristide out of the country […]

Washington turns its back on Haitian catastrophe; offers just $50k!

25 September 2004 | World Socialist Web Site by Bill Van Auken Nature has dealt a cruel blow to the people of Haiti, deepening the intense suffering and oppression that centuries of imperialist domination have inflicted upon the Caribbean nation’s impoverished population. Tropical Storm Jeanne has buried Gonaives, the birthplace of Haiti’s struggle to cast off slavery and colonialism 200 years ago, in a sea of mud. Over 1,700 bodies have been recovered and dumped in mass graves. Thousands more people in the city as well as in cut-off rural areas are presumed dead. Tens of thousands have been left […]

Rebel soldiers seize town in Haiti and defy premier

[ Recall that the U.S.-installed leader of Haiti, Latortue, was to replace the Lavalas Party’s democratically elected Aristide because of Aristide’s alleged failures. Aristide’s failures were in large part due to U.S. policies designed to punish him for failing to give in to Washington’s neo-liberal agenda. What of Latortue’s? –BL ] 1 Sept 2004 | Reuters by Joseph Guyler Delva in Port-au-Prince Former soldiers who in February helped overthrow Haiti’s then president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, have taken over a town to back their demands to set up a new army. Yesterday they were out in camouflage uniforms trying to win support in […]

Secretive Trial Acquits Haitian Death Squad Leader

18 August 2004 | DemocracyNow! Keywords: Jodel Chamblain, FRAPH In Haiti, former death squad leader Louis Jodel Chamblain who twice helped coups against Jean Bertrand Aristide was acquitted of murder in a secretive trial held during the middle of the night that ended early yesterday. Chamblain was second in command of the paramilitary group FRAPH, the Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti. In 1991 the group overthrew Jean Bertrand Aristide’s government and went on to kill thousands of Aristide supporters. After years in exile, he returned to Haiti earlier this year to play a key role in another […]

Haitians March to Support Aristide

29 July 2004 | DemocracyNow! keywords: Haiti, Aristide In Haiti, thousands of supporters of ousted President Jean Bertrand Aristide marched yesterday calling for Aristide’s return to power. The democratically elected president was ousted in Februrary in a U.S-backed coup. Protesters marched by the US embassy carrying coffins reading USA and Gerard Latortue, the name of the unelected interim prime minister. Meanwhile police found the body of a former pro-Aristide legislator Jocelyn Saint Louis, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday.

Caribbean Nations Split On Recognizing Haiti’s New Gov’t

6 July 2004 | DemocracyNow! At the annual meeting of Caricom in Grenada, five Caribbean countries have called on the Carribbean community to officially recognize the new U.S.-backed Haitian government which took over after President Jean-Betrand Aristide was overthrown in a coup. Jamaican Prime Minister PJ Patterson has opposed allowing Haiti to retake its seat in the 15-nation Caricom. Last month the Caribbean leaders voted to have the Organization of American States investigate the circumstances of Aristide’s ouster.

Otto Reich on the U.S.’s Intentions Toward Venezuela and Haiti

[ Otto Reich, Bush’s Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs since 2002, is a far-right wing propagandist and former Reagan appointee. He supported the Contras, and was ambassador to Venezuela, in which, more recently he probably helped orchestrate the Bush Administration’s 2002 coup attempt. Reich smears the popular, democratically elected Chavez (Venezuela) and Aristide (Haiti). They both oppose the Bush Administration’s hegemonic policy in Latin America. –BL ] US wants Chavez out The departing US envoy to Latin America and the Caribbean said the Bush administration would like to see the removal of the Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. 19 […]

U.S. Arranging More Prison Abuse in Haiti?

[ This important story follows up earlier ones on Terry Stewart, who helped get Abu Ghraib up and running, and on the U.S.-supported coup against democratically elected Haitian president, Aristide. –BL ] Haiti and Abu Ghraib: The US is to “clean up” Haiti’s prisons — just like it did Iraq’s 17 June 2004 | by Dominique Esser and Kim Ives A U.S. prison consultant sent last year to “reform” Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison, now world infamous for the torture U.S. soldiers there inflicted on Iraqis, is doing the same job now in Haiti. Terry Stewart is the former director of […]

Caribbean Community postpones meeting with U.S. Homeland Security secretary over Haiti differences

27 avril 2004 | Associated Press GEORGETOWN, Guyana — The Caribbean has indefinitely postponed a meeting of its national security ministers with U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge because of major differences over Haiti, officials said Tuesday. Caribbean Community Secretary General Edwin Carrington said the May 3-4 meeting in the Bahamas won’t take place because the 15-member regional bloc does not recognize the new U.S.-backed Haitian interim government.

Haiti: Turning back the clock

[ Driver’s delegation to Haiti documented nighttime raids conducted by U.S. forces, violence against Aristide supporters in Haiti, and more: “Later that day, we found out that his name was read out on the radio, which is like being marked for death.” Click here for more on Haiti. –BL ] 28 April 2004 | Sojourners by Tom F. Driver I want to send you some news about the Haiti I have been visiting since March 23, when I came down with the first non-governmental delegation that’s gone there since the United States forcibly removed President Aristide on Feb. 29. The delegation […]

Brazil’s Lula Recognizes U.S.-Backed Coup in Haiti

[ In what appears to be a loss of nerve, Brazil’s Lula said, “his country was prepared to take command of the U.N. force and send 1,470 troops if the international community made a commitment to rebuild Haiti.” The commitment may represent capitulation of the socialist leader, and acceptance of the recent U.S.-supported coup in Haiti. On the other hand, Lula doesn’t aim to facilitate a return of Aristide, does he? (Note the reference to “a … rebellion [that] led the country’s first democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, to flee in February.” No mention of the coercive role the U.S. […]

U.S. Helped Impose Death Sentence on Democracy in Haiti

[ “Tom Griffin, part of a delegation sent by the National Lawyers Guild to Haiti to meet with victims and their families, witnesses and grassroots leaders,” reports that the de facto leaders of Haiti — praised by the U.S.-installed interim leader, Gerard Latortue — are military thugs who have been summarily executing supporters of the popular Lavalas Party (i.e., the party of Aristide, the leader deposed in a recent U.S.-backed coup). Based on previous reports, we know that the rebels had freed human rights violators from jail, and used violence against Lavalas supporters. In the interview introduced below, Griffin reports […]

The International Republican Institute, McCain, and the Coup in Haiti

[ As the “coalition” occupation of Iraq seems to spin out of control, it is easy to forget about U.S. interventions elsewhere in the world, for instance, in Haiti — which is very much an expression of U.S. hegemony in the region. While I would like to see more solid documentation of the claim in the article below that the International Republican Institute (IRI) trained and funded the violent, anti-democratic forces in Haiti, there are other reports that corroborate Jordan’s theory. Earlier this week, Dr. Luis Barrios, on DemocracyNow!, reported that on his recent fact-finding mission to the Dominican Republic, […]

The Illegality of the Coup in Haiti

[ Legal expert Marjorie Cohn does a nice job of spelling out the illegality of the recent U.S.-assisted coup in Haiti, and calls for an investigation. This article came via Popi and Tom Natsoulas. –doclalor ] The Illegal Coup in Haiti: The Kidnapping of Aristide Violated US and International Law March 31, 2004, CounterPunch.orgby MARJORIE COHN Beginning in early February 2004, the democratically elected President of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, faced an armed rebellion starting from the North of his country and moving South. The rebel leaders, whom U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell characterized as “thugs and criminals,” include former members […]

Chomsky on the History U.S. Policy on Haiti

[ In the article below, Chomsky provides a nice context by reference to which to interpret current events in Haiti. Highlights include (1) “the United States[‘] outrage[] and fright [at Haiti,] the first nation in the world to argue the case of universal freedom for all humankind, revealing the limited definition of freedom adopted by the French and American revolutions’,” (2) the Clinton policies that decimated Haiti’s ability to provide food for itself, (3) the guilt that continues to lie with France, Haiti’s former colonial “master.” –doclalor ] US-Haiti ZMag, March 09, 2004 by Noam Chomsky Those who have any concern […]

Godfather Colin Powell: The Gangster of Haiti

[ The Black Commentator article below is lengthy. Here are some highlights. (1) It provides an under-reported perspective on the violence against the Haitian poor, citing independent journalist Kevin Pina's report: The poorest of the poor who supported President Aristide and democracy are being slaughtered by the former military and FRAPH. There is a 6 p.m. curfew imposed by the international forces but it does not seem to apply to these killers. (2) The article also chides the corporate media for ignoring the obviously relevant politico-economic context in which the events leading up to the U.S.-backed coup against Aristide took […]

Why Would the U.S. Facilitate Ousters in Haiti and Venezuela?

[ Here I propose a possible explanation as to why the U.S. might have supported coups in Haiti and Venezuela — an explanation of which I hope scrutinizing readers will disabuse me if I am off-base. –doclalor ] by Brendan Lalor, If democratically elected Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was kidnapped by the U.S., it’s worth asking, Why little Haiti? I propose a two-part explanation here, as to why the U.S. supported or pandered to the anti-government forces in Haiti, and pressured Aristide out — an explanation which will, in turn, be extended to cover Venezuela, too: The minor component […]

Don’t fall for Washington’s spin on Haiti

COMMENT: Don't fall for Washington's spin on Haiti By Jeffrey SachsFinancial Times; Mar 01, 2004 The crisis in Haiti is another case of brazen US manipulation of a small, impoverished country with the truth unexplored by journalists. In the nearly universal media line on the Haitian revolt, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was portrayed as an undemocratic leader who betrayed Haiti's democratic hopes and thereby lost the support of his erstwhile backers. He “stole” elections and intransigently refused to address opposition concerns. As a result he had to leave office, which he did at the insistence of the US and France. Unfortunately, […]

Background on Haiti

[ Mary Turck’s piece (below) for the human rights organization, Resource Center of the Americas, supplies some pertinent background information that aids interpretation of media reports about Haiti. Another nice source is the discussion hosted on FAIR’s CounterSpin radio program with Marx Aristide of the Haiti Support Network (he is not related to the Haitian president). Get the mp3 here (it’s 8:56 into the file). –doclalor ] Haiti Q & A by Mary Turck  Resource Center of the Americas, February 23, 2004  As violent gangs invade Haitian towns, murdering police and opening jails, news reports repeat several catch phrases […]

The New Economics of Hunger

[P]rices for corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, rice and other grains began shooting through the roof… food [is] becoming the new gold…. For the 1 billion living on less than a dollar a day, it is a matter of survival. In a mud hut on the Sahara’s edge, Manthita Sou, a 43-year-old widow in the Mauritanian desert village of Maghleg, is confronting wheat prices that are up 67 percent on local markets in the past year. Her solution: stop eating bread…. The root cause of price surges varies from crop to crop. But the crisis is being driven in part by […]

37 Million Poor Hidden in the Land of Plenty

19 Feb 2006 | The Observer (UK) Americans have always believed that hard work will bring rewards, but vast numbers now cannot meet their bills even with two or three jobs. More than one in 10 citizens live below the poverty line, and the gap between the haves and have-nots is widening by Paul Harris in Kentucky The flickering television in Candy Lumpkins’s trailer blared out The Bold and the Beautiful. It was a fantasy daytime soap vision of American life with little relevance to the reality of this impoverished corner of Kentucky. The Lumpkins live at the definition of […]

Times’ Coverage of Nicaragua Misleads and Propagandizes

by Brendan Lalor To the editor of the New York Times: Ginger Thompson’s April 5 piece, “Old Foe of U.S. Trying for a Comeback in Nicaragua,” misleads about history and promulgates State Department propaganda. It is misleading because it depicts Daniel Ortega as an anti-democratic “strongman” who lost in 1990 when he finally agreed to an election. In fact, he won office democratically in 1984, when he took almost 70% of the vote in an election which drew 83% of the country’s electorate to the polls. The election was declared fair by impartial, third-party monitors, despite unsubstantiated claims to the […]

The peacekeeping paradox: as peace spreads, surge in demand strains UN resources

[ Thanks to Bill Bryant of Oklahomans for Global Solutions for passing this article along. –BL ] From the “10 Stories the World Should Hear More About” series 2004 | United Nations In an often overlooked phenomenon, the resources needed to help keep the peace are being strained by so much peace to keep. Recent headlines may seem to contradict it, but today fewer people are being killed by war than at almost any time in the past century. Some 25,000 were killed in armed conflict in 2002, barely one tenth the number killed each year during the 1990s. Even 9/11, […]

Something rotten in the state of Florida

29 September 2004 | The Independent Pregnant chads, vanishing voters… the election fiasco of 2000 made the Sunshine State a laughing stock. More importantly, it put George Bush in the White House. You’d think they’d want to get it right this time. But no, as Andrew Gumbel discovers, the democratic process is more flawed than ever …

Retired Special Forces Master Sergeant: Video Depicts U.S. War Crime

2004 | NewsGateway [ click here for the video (Windows Media format) ] Stan Goff comments: “The ‘tell’ is in the audio. When the pilot asks permission to fire, he reports a large number of people? not armed people. People. And permission is granted instantly. This is an indication that the mission guidance is to shoot anyone who is in the street. This is a clear war crime, and one that begins with the commander?s stated intent in the operations order. The pilot?s exclamation of satisfaction, ‘Aw dude!’, at the end just underlines how this casual sadism comes to dominate the psyches […]

The Other African Crisis

August 13, 2004 | Washington Post [page A25] by Jason Stearns Who is to blame for the largest humanitarian catastrophe of our times? I am referring not to Darfur, a terrible tragedy in its own right, but to the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 4 million people have died in a conflict that has been going on for eight years. So who is to blame? A U.N. panel sent to Congo to look into illegal arms trading believes it has part of the answer. In a recent report, it explains that Rwanda gave “both direct and indirect […]

The Importance of Understanding bin Laden: “He claims the right of resistance”

[ Petersen’s piece below contains a piecing-together of bin Laden’s argument against the U.S., and justification for violence against U.S. civilians. On the one hand, post-9/11 blind rage, or overgeneralized hatred, may still prevent many Americans from considering such arguments. On the other hand, in light of the increasing popularity of bin Ladenesque arguments among Middle Easterners and others, it’s not clear there is any path to lasting peace other than by means of some degree of mutual understanding. Notes: some of bin Laden’s Fatwahs referenced below can be found on the site. The underlining below is mine. –BL ] […]

Guatemala and the Forgotten Anniversary: “50 years ago the U.S. supported the overthrow of the legitimate and democratically-elected government”

June 18, 2004 | Foreign Policy In Focus by Arnold J. Oliver Democracy has been much in the news of late. At the G-8 Summit in Georgia, one of the main items on the agenda was the democratization of the Middle East, and the recent commemoration of the D-Day anniversary and the passing of President Reagan both generated discussion concerning the defense and spread of democracy. But amidst all the hoopla, the anniversary of a decisive event in the modern history of democracy has somehow escaped notice. Fifty years ago, on June 17, 1954, the government of the United States […]

U.S. Military Whistleblowers Face Retribution

[ Statistically, those who blow the whistle on abuse in the military face serious retribution by the military, despite the so-called Whitle-Blower Protection Act. –BL ] 21 May 2004 | National Public Radio NPR’s Daniel Zwerdling examines two cases of military whistleblowers who faced retribution for exposing wrongdoing. In the first case, an Army captain was sent to Haiti in 1994 to protect human rights, but when he tried to expose the fact that U.S. military was standing by while political dissidents were being killed, he was court-martialed and lost his job and benefits. In the second case, a young Navy […]

Senator ‘Outraged at Outrage’ in Iraq Prison Case

[ Senator Inhofe is an embarrasment to Oklahoma. His recent, Limbaugh-esque defense of the abusers at Abu Ghraib (see below) reveals either culpable ignorance or an outright evil character: “[T]hese prisoners, they’re murderers, they’re terrorists, they’re insurgents. Many of them probably have American blood on their hands and here we’re so concerned about the treatment of those individuals.” One imagines a Jesus, whom Inhofe and his ilk claim to follow, shocked at the callous disregard for so many innocent non-Americans. For a glimpse into these minds and their high tolerance for violence in the Middle East, see this piece from […]

Treasury Has More Agents on Cuba Than on Al-Qaeda

[ “… the Treasury Department, which enforces economic sanctions, is already spending an inordinate amount of time on Cuba… Of the 120 employees at the Office of Foreign Assets Control … 21 are dedicated to enforcing the Cuba embargo and only 4 to tracking the finances of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.” –BL ] Bush Proposes a Plan to Aid Opponents of Castro in Cuba May 7, 2004 | New York Times by CHRISTOPHER MARQUIS

Those Who Deny the Crimes of the Past

Reflections on American Racist Atrocity Denial, 1776-2004 March 11, 2004 | ZNet by Paul Street The U.S. Marines stood by and did nothing while the library at the Aristide Foundation was burned. With my own eyes I saw the American Marines stand and watch while rebels cut a woman and shot her. I yelled at them, “Do something!” and they swung their guns around toward me and yelled, “Get back!” While I hid in a field the American Marines put their hats on the bodies of dead people and posed for pictures with them. It made me sick because in […]

Toward Explaining the Iraq Prison Abuses (MUST READ)

[ This must-read by Stan Goff profoundly puts the Abu Ghraib revelations in context. Goff avoids the tendency of those who focus exclusively on the (legitimate) hunt for the specific evil doers, and who thereby miss the institutional causes of evil. He explores the systemic causes of abuse underlying the events at Abu Ghraib, My Lai, and elsewhere, and analyzes the ramifications of the publicity as violations of the "Powell Doctrine" (“which includes a co-opted press and a vigorous attempt to keep things like flag-draped coffins off of those wide screen TVs”). From the piece: Their very humanity – that […]

U.S. Toying With Proposed New “Peacekeeping” Force

[ Hmmm … –BL ] US mulls 75,000-strong foreign peace force Apr 29, 2004 | Agence France-Presse WASHINGTON — US officials are mulling plans to create a 75,000-member international peacekeeping force to intervene in trouble spots around the globe, two senior officials with the George W. Bush administration said Thursday. “What we envision is about a 75,000-person force starting in Africa for training …. people to be available for peacekeeping,” Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage told a House of Representatives committee. The pricetag for the program would be “about 100 million dollars the first year and 660 million dollars over […]

Who Removed Aristide?

[ News about Haiti and the U.S.’ anti-democratic influence there continues to be overshadowed by the “major stories.” The Associated Press reports today that the U.S. State Department is demanding that CARICOM — the 15-nation Caribbean Community — recognize the interim government, non-democratically set up by the U.S. CARICOM and much of the world still see Aristide as the rightful president of Haiti. In another story, Reuters is reporting that Haiti’s new U.S.-backed leader said on Sunday he had dropped a “ridiculous” demand by ex-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide for France to return $22 billion he said the Caribbean nation was forced […]

Caribbean Community Requests Inquiry To U.S.’s Chagrin

[ The 15-nation Caribbean Community, CARICOM, has not recognized the U.S.-installed replacement leader of Haiti, Gérard Latortue, who arrived in Haiti from Florida in a U.S. Black Hawk helicopter. The rightful president, deposed in a U.S.-backed coup, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, returned to the hemisphere (to Jamaica) on March 15, against protests from Washington, which is pressuring Jamaica to send Aristide to Nigeria.   Could it be that Washington wants the rightful leader out of the hemisphere so it can more smoothly secure a government compliant with U.S. interests? Presumably. But Washington may not get its wish. As reported in the article below, […]

‘Special skills draft’ on drawing board

Computer experts, foreign language specialists lead list of military’s needs by Eric Rosenberg, Hearst Newspapers March 13, 2004, San Francisco Chronicle Washington — The government is taking the first steps toward a targeted military draft of Americans with special skills in computers and foreign languages. The Selective Service System has begun the process of creating the procedures and policies to conduct such a targeted draft in case military officials ask Congress to authorize it and the lawmakers agree to such a request.

U.S. on Rwanda: Bystanders to Genocide

[ Samantha Power shows in the article below that “the U.S. government knew enough about the genocide early on to save lives, but passed up countless opportunities to intervene.” Romeo Dallaire, the Canadian commander of the UN Assistance Mission in Rwanda, says that after the U.S. had effectively lobbied to reduce the peacekeeping forces from 2,500 to just a few hundred, My force was standing knee-deep in mutilated bodies, surrounded by the guttural moans of dying people, looking into the eyes of children bleeding to death with their wounds burning in the sun and being invaded by maggots and flies. […]

International Election Monitors Take on Florida

[ Catholic peace group Pax Christi will bring international monitors to Florida to help ensure fair elections this time around, according to the Reuters. This is especially important, given what happened last time around. –doclalor ] Mon Mar 8, 3:38 PM ET by Michael Peltier TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Reuters) – An international group that usually monitors elections in developing democracies said Monday it would take up posts at Florida precincts in November in hopes of averting another debacle when voters pick the next U.S. president. Four years after Florida became the object of international ridicule, officials for the Catholic group Pax […]

See Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega Dodge the Truth Before Congress

Click here to see and hear Roger Noriega basically lie to House of Representatives’ International Relations Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere regarding what he knows about a number of figures who had been in exile from Haiti, but who had returned and helped precipitate the recent U.S.-favored coup. Among the many human rights violations of these anti-democratic forces, Noriega denied knowing about these, presented to him by the Subcommittee: Guy Phillipe: trained by the U.S. military in Ecuador, killed 26 members of the Lavalas party, trafficked drugs Andy Apaid: American citizen and owner of more than 10 Haitian sweatshops, supported […]

U.S. political maneuvering behind the ouster

BY RON HOWELL March 1, 2004, Newsday The departure of Haiti’s Jean-Bertrand Aristide is a victory for a Bush administration hard-liner who has been long dedicated to Aristide’s ouster, U.S. foreign policy analysts say. That official is Roger Noriega, assistant U.S. secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, whose influence over U.S. policy toward Haiti has increased during the past decade as he climbed the diplomatic ladder in Washington. “Roger Noriega has been dedicated to ousting Aristide for many, many years, and now he’s in a singularly powerful position to accomplish it,” Robert White, a former U.S. ambassador to El […]

Not Yet Covered in the Corporate Press!: Aristide Kidnapped(?)

by Brendan Lalor, Congresswoman Maxine Waters communicated with Hatian President Jean Bertrand Aristide today, and she reports that — contrary to what we hear in the mainstream media so far — Aristide did not resign, nor did he flee. Instead he was kidnapped, he says by U.S.-supported forces! For the latest, check the website. Meanwhile, ABC news says its top story on NightLine tonight will be Aristide’s “flight” from Haiti. Let’s hope they get the full story before going on the air. As I’ve recently noted, U.S. support for anti-democratic movements in the hemisphere ought to be a […]

Is the U.S. Toppling Democracy Again?

[ The U.S. has a history of toppling democracies in the hemisphere; and it’s not just Chile and Nicaragua, but even Haiti itself in recent decades: corporate interests trumped democracy and international law again (see footnotes 51-60 of Chomsky’s Understanding Power for more sources on Haiti). Against this back-drop, it would not be surprising to learn that our government is supplying the weapons and financial backing for the opponents of Aristide, as Ira Kurzban charges, as reported below. –doclalor ] Haiti’s Lawyer: U.S. Is Arming Anti-Aristide Paramilitaries Wednesday, February 25th, 2004, By Amy Goodman and Jeremy Scahill The US […]