B’Tselem: 50,000 Palestinians Under ‘Complete Siege’; U.S. Refuses to Condemn

5 Oct. 2004 | DemocracyNow!

A new report by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem has found that 41 percent of the fatalities in Gaza over the past week have been civilians. The group estimates Israeli forces have killed 75 Palestinians – 31 of whom were civilians. Among the dead were 19 Palestinian children aged 17 and under. The group says 50,000 Palestinians in Gaza are living under complete siege without water and electricity and little food. B’Tselem also reports Israeli forces have demolished 55 houses in the Jabaliya refugee camp and another 50 additional houses have been severely damaged. B’Tselem also condemned Palestinian militants for continuing to carry out missile attacks against Israel which they said constitutes a war crime. But the group said in a statement “the grief for the death of Israeli civilians cannot justify such extensive harm to Palestinian civilians uninvolved in the hostilities.”

U.S. Vetoes UN Resolution Condemning Israeli Attack (6 Oct. 2004)

At the United Nations, the United States vetoed a Security Council resolution calling on Israel to end its deadly attack on the Gaza Strip that has killed over 85 Palestinians in the past week. 11 countries voted for the measure. Britain, Germany and Romania abstained from the vote.

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