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    - Brian Leiter
    ...but the Internet threw this at me, and I must say it's very weird! Bottom line: do not forage for mushrooms, ever.
    - Brian Leiter
    His latest here; an excerpt: The class character of antiracist clientelism is even more transparent than its fin-de–siècle progenitor’s. Its proponents can defend the assertion that racism is the fundamental determinant of life chances for black Americans only via a...
    - Brian Leiter
    The periodic Research Excellence Framework in the UK is significant because it affects the allocation of funding to the universities. While in its origins it focused exclusively on research output, it has since incorporated criteria like "public" impact, which does...
    - Brian Leiter
    Philosopher Fraser MacBride (Manchester) discusses.
    - Brian Leiter
    Philosopher/lawyer Alec Walen (Rutgers) comments.
    - Brian Leiter
    In addition to the separate posts announcing (generally tenured) faculty moves, I will keep a running list of all lateral moves not reflected in the faculty lists for the last PGR (some moves that took place after the last PGR...
    - Brian Leiter
    ...for a co-authored biography of an African-American artist who survived the Jim Crow South. (Thanks to Afton Greco for the pointer.)
    - Brian Leiter
    MOVING TO FRONT--ORIGINALLY POSTED MAY 2, MANY NEW UPDATES After H.L.A. Hart (his teacher), Raz was the most important figure in Anglophone legal philosophy, and also made significant contributions to political and moral philosophy. During his long tenure at Oxford,...
    - Brian Leiter
    A propos this, Professor Rick Garnett (Law, Notre Dame) writes: [I]t is not clear why the claim "human fetuses are moral subjects and this fact constrains what should be done with and to them" is any more "religious", or any...
    - Brian Leiter
    Joseph's longtime partner, Penelope Bulloch, kindly gave permission to share this message she had sent to various friends (earlier memorial notice): Joseph did not want a funeral. He left his body to the London Anatomy Office, for education or research,...
    by Rick Lewis
    Ukrainian philosopher’s 300th birthday • AI shows increasing ethical problems • Qubit pioneer David Deutsch wins prize — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
    by Matt Qvortrup
    Dan Corjescu looks briefly but hopefully at possible causes of peace.
    John P. Irish considers social contract theory through an infamous lottery.
    by Boghos Artinian
    Phil Badger draws the boundaries of political thought and explores the territories.
    by Terence Green
    Gustavo Dalaqua on decolonizing minds.
    Stefan Catana on three revolutionary thinkers and their ideas for creating progress in politics.
    - Philosophy Now
    The Mental Universe Debate
    Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now (and author of The Metarevolution) is joined by members of London philosophy groups Philosophy For All and the Philosophical Society of England to debate an argument advanced by PFA member Kieran Quill that according to quantum mechanics the universe is mental in nature. Join us to hear the fallout. First broadcast on 29 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    The Linguistic Wizardry of Ludwig Wittgenstein
    Ludwig Wittgenstein worked out how language has meaning, twice. He also thought that some of the most important things we can know we can’t express at all. Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now finds out the meaning and limits of language from guest Daniel Hutto from the University of Wollongong, NSW. First broadcast on 22 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Philosophy, Lies and Politics
    Might Nietzsche be right, claiming that lying is “a condition of life?” – Or Kant, arguing that lying means annihilating human dignity? Is it ever acceptable for governments to lie to the public or for individuals to lie to the government? Anja Steinbauer is joined by politician and philosopher Shahrar Ali and moral philosopher Piers Benn to discuss whether lying can be a good thing. First broadcast on 15 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Beyond Right and Wrong
    What is meta-ethics? How does meta-ethics differ from ethics, and what does it tell us about ethics? Why is it important for how we should live our lives? Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and his guests Edward Harcourt from Keble College, Oxford, and Richard Rowland from the University of Warwick, to find the answers to these questions and more. First broadcast on 8 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    The Hidden World of Immanuel Kant
    Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and guests John Callanan from King’s College, London, and Andrew Ward from the University of York to talk about the most important idea you’ve never heard of, and some other persuasive arguments from revolutionary but unfortunately unknown-to-the-world philosopher Immanuel Kant. First broadcast on 1 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    How Come Consciousness?
    Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and guests Philip Goff from the University of Liverpool and Tom McClelland from the University of Manchester as they try to work out how all that electricity between your nerve cells relates to and produces all your experiences and thoughts. First broadcast on 25 May 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Buddhist Philosophy
    What has Buddhism to offer the 21st Century? Join Anja Steinbauer and her guests, Martin Muchall and Rick Lewis, for a critical discussion of ideas in and about Buddhism. First broadcast on 18 May 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Impressions of David Hume
    Isaiah Berlin said of David Hume, “No man has influenced the history of philosophy to a deeper or more disturbing degree.” Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now plus guests Jane O’Grady, Peter Kail and James Arnold to find out why. First broadcast on 11 May 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    In Defence of Wonder
    Look inside the mind of a famous thinker: Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and writer Daryn Green talk to author and Philosophy Now columnist Raymond Tallis about his latest book, In Defence of Wonder, and about the influences and motivations which have made him a philosopher. Recorded on 31 May 2012.
    - Philosophy Now
    Philosophy and Literature
    Both philosophy and literature represent the world and reflect on it. They are clearly different, yet converge, overlap and relate to one another in various ways. Can anything be gained philosophically by examining literature? Conversely, does it add to our understanding of literature to look at it from a philosophical point of view? Anja Steinbauer, President of Philosophy For All, and her guests Gregory Currie from the University of Nottingham, Stacie Friend from Heythrop College, University of London, and Edward Harcourt from Keble College, University of Oxford, discuss truth and ethics in philosophy and literature. First broadcast on 27 March 2012 on Resonance FM.
    - Alberto Giubilini
    by Alberto Giubilini (crosspost: this article appeared with a different title in iaiNews) The leaked draft opinion by Supreme Court Justice’ Samuel Alito foreshadows the overturn of the 1973 Roe vs Wade ruling. Roe vs Wade grounded women’s (limited) right to abortion in the US in the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution and its […]
    - Charles Foster
    Hang Onto Your Soul
    By Charles Foster Image: I can’t avoid Steven Pinker at the moment. He seems to be on every page I read. I hear him all the time, insisting that I’m cosmically insignificant; that my delusional thoughts, my loves, my aspirations, and the B Minor Mass’s effect on me are merely chemical events. I used […]
    - Katrien Devolder
    High income countries have been criticised for hoarding covid-19 vaccines: they have been accused of ‘vaccine nationalism’. But what exactly is vaccine nationalism? Is it really wrong to prioritise one’s own citizens, and, if so, why? How can we do better when the next pandemic strikes? In this Thinking Out Loud interview, philosopher Dr Jonathan […]
    - admin
    Ethics and Artificial Intelligence Professor Peter Railton, University of Michigan May 9, 16, and 23 (In person and hybrid. booking links below) Abstract: Recent, dramatic advancement in the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) raise a host of ethical questions about the development and deployment of AI systems.  Some of these are questions long recognized as […]
    - admin
    Daniel Sokol is a barrister and ethicist in London, UK @DanielSokol9 The decision of the All England Club and the Lawn Tennis Association to ban all Russian and Belarusian players from this year’s Wimbledon and other UK tennis events is unethical, argues Daniel Sokol Whatever its lawfulness, the decision of the All England Club and […]
    - Aksel Sterri
    AI and the Transition Paradox
    by Aksel Braanen Sterri The most important development in human history will take place not too far in the future. Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, will become better (and cheaper) than humans at most tasks. This will generate enormous wealth that can be used to fill human needs. However, since most humans will not […]
    - Ben Davies
    by Ben Davies One of John Stuart Mill’s most well-known claims concerns the distinction between higher and lower pleasures. Higher pleasures—which are, roughly, ‘mental’ pleasures—are, says Mill, always preferable to lower pleasures—the pleasures of the body. In Mill’s rendering, competent judges—those who have experience of both higher and lower pleasures—will choose a higher pleasure over […]
    - Lisa Forsberg
    Written by Anthony Skelton, Lisa Forsberg, and Isra Black Consider the following two cases: Cynthia’s blood transfusion. Cynthia is 16 years of age. She is hit by a car on her way to school. She is rushed to hospital. She sustains serious, life-threatening injuries and loses a lot of blood. Her physicians conclude that she […]
    - Joanna Demaree-Cotton
    No, Plant-Based Meals Do Not Undermine Freedom of Choice Written by Joanna Demaree-Cotton   Last month, TV personality Jeremy Clarkson took centre-stage in our local county politics with an argument against plant-based meals. His fury—expressed on television, on Twitter, and in a strongly-worded column in The Sun—was sparked by the Oxfordshire County Council’s decision to […]
    - admin
    Professor Larry Locke (University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and LCC International University) One of the more worrisome aspects of the modern concentration of resources in large corporations is that it often allows them to have societal impact beyond the capability of all but the wealthiest persons. Notwithstanding that disparity of power, much of modern ethical discourse […]