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    - Brian Leiter
    Not quite as obscure as some other featured bands (although it is probably unknown to many younger readers), the British hard rock/progressive rock band Uriah Heep enjoyed considerable success in the UK, Northern Europe, Australia, Japan, and to some extent...
    - Brian Leiter
    Philosophers' Imprint was the first mover here, and has been quite successful; more recently it has been joined by Ergo, another generalist journal. There are several specialty journals: I believe Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy was first; there's also...
    - Brian Leiter
    At Philosopher's Cocoon, there is an interesting discussion of expected changes in enrollment patterns and whether that is in any way connected to a perception of fewer jobs at SLACs this fall. Comments are open there.
    - Brian Leiter
    Reader Scott Newstok called my attention to this very interesting LRB review essay of John Guillory's latest attempt to look at the history and organization of literary studies as a field. A brief excerpt: For Guillory, the pivotal development in...
    - Brian Leiter 3:16 AM.
    - Brian Leiter
    Way back in 2004.
    - Brian Leiter
    ...for those observing the American holiday today (originally posted in 2018): Based on an actual strike by Mexican-American workers against a zinc mining company, it is set in New Mexico, and uses actual mineworkers and their families in most of...
    - Brian Leiter
    Here. The petition is prompted by a proposed post-tenure review system. The basic problem with the proposal is that it eviscerates the due process protections that are supposed to attach to revocation of tenure: individual decision-makers (chairs, deans, etc.) have...
    - Brian Leiter
    Back in 2018, with reader discussion.
    - Brian Leiter
    Here's a chart, make of it what you will: Country Homicide rate per 100,000 Covid deaths per 100,000 Per capita GDP GINI coefficient (higher=more inequality) Military expenditures per capita (2019) United States 4.96 326.90 $69,287 41.50 $2,224 United Kingdom 1.20...
    by Rick Lewis
    Karl Jaspers Reloaded • Eth-letes Compete in Schools Olympiad • Kripke, Noddings and Shoemaker dead — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
    by Matt Qvortrup
    Peter Mullen explores the argument that by definition, God exists.
    Benedict O’Connell argues we must recognise our limitations about knowing God.
    Robert Griffiths looks into an anti-religion, pro-God way of thinking.
    ‘On the doubtfulness of everything’ – A satire against the dogmatists by Joseph Bou Charaa
    Tony McKenna relates how theology beat philosophy to fundamental metaphysics.
    Stuart Hannabuss journeys into the human condition with Søren Kierkegaard.
    by Yahia Lababidi
    - Philosophy Now
    The Mental Universe Debate
    Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now (and author of The Metarevolution) is joined by members of London philosophy groups Philosophy For All and the Philosophical Society of England to debate an argument advanced by PFA member Kieran Quill that according to quantum mechanics the universe is mental in nature. Join us to hear the fallout. First broadcast on 29 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    The Linguistic Wizardry of Ludwig Wittgenstein
    Ludwig Wittgenstein worked out how language has meaning, twice. He also thought that some of the most important things we can know we can’t express at all. Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now finds out the meaning and limits of language from guest Daniel Hutto from the University of Wollongong, NSW. First broadcast on 22 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Philosophy, Lies and Politics
    Might Nietzsche be right, claiming that lying is “a condition of life?” – Or Kant, arguing that lying means annihilating human dignity? Is it ever acceptable for governments to lie to the public or for individuals to lie to the government? Anja Steinbauer is joined by politician and philosopher Shahrar Ali and moral philosopher Piers Benn to discuss whether lying can be a good thing. First broadcast on 15 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Beyond Right and Wrong
    What is meta-ethics? How does meta-ethics differ from ethics, and what does it tell us about ethics? Why is it important for how we should live our lives? Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and his guests Edward Harcourt from Keble College, Oxford, and Richard Rowland from the University of Warwick, to find the answers to these questions and more. First broadcast on 8 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    The Hidden World of Immanuel Kant
    Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and guests John Callanan from King’s College, London, and Andrew Ward from the University of York to talk about the most important idea you’ve never heard of, and some other persuasive arguments from revolutionary but unfortunately unknown-to-the-world philosopher Immanuel Kant. First broadcast on 1 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    How Come Consciousness?
    Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and guests Philip Goff from the University of Liverpool and Tom McClelland from the University of Manchester as they try to work out how all that electricity between your nerve cells relates to and produces all your experiences and thoughts. First broadcast on 25 May 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Buddhist Philosophy
    What has Buddhism to offer the 21st Century? Join Anja Steinbauer and her guests, Martin Muchall and Rick Lewis, for a critical discussion of ideas in and about Buddhism. First broadcast on 18 May 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Impressions of David Hume
    Isaiah Berlin said of David Hume, “No man has influenced the history of philosophy to a deeper or more disturbing degree.” Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now plus guests Jane O’Grady, Peter Kail and James Arnold to find out why. First broadcast on 11 May 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    In Defence of Wonder
    Look inside the mind of a famous thinker: Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and writer Daryn Green talk to author and Philosophy Now columnist Raymond Tallis about his latest book, In Defence of Wonder, and about the influences and motivations which have made him a philosopher. Recorded on 31 May 2012.
    - Philosophy Now
    Philosophy and Literature
    Both philosophy and literature represent the world and reflect on it. They are clearly different, yet converge, overlap and relate to one another in various ways. Can anything be gained philosophically by examining literature? Conversely, does it add to our understanding of literature to look at it from a philosophical point of view? Anja Steinbauer, President of Philosophy For All, and her guests Gregory Currie from the University of Nottingham, Stacie Friend from Heythrop College, University of London, and Edward Harcourt from Keble College, University of Oxford, discuss truth and ethics in philosophy and literature. First broadcast on 27 March 2012 on Resonance FM.
    - admin
    Written by Dominic McGuire, DPhil Student, Queen’s College Oxford Jonathan Pugh’s interesting Practical Ethics blog of October 14th, 2022,, prompted several additional thoughts. Pugh’s blog considered some of the implications from recent media reports about laboratory grown brains, also called minibrains, which can play the video game of Pong. Pong is a simple representation […]
    - Alberto Giubilini
      By Alberto Giubilini   The forthcoming World Cup in Qatar is perhaps the most controversial in football history.  Qatari social, religious, and legal norms clash with values that many people from other parts of the world hold dear.  For example, things like extramarital sex, same-sex behaviour, and importation of religious books are illegal in […]
    - admin
    Written by Theron Pummer This article originally appeared in the OUPBlog  You can save a stranger’s life. Right now, you can open a new tab in your internet browser and donate to a charity that reliably saves the lives of people living in extreme poverty. Don’t have the money? Don’t worry—you can give your time […]
    - admin
    One year of DefaultVeg at the Uehiro Centre
    Today (1 November) is ‘world vegan day’. This is a good moment to reflect on a decision that the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics took almost exactly a year ago. In October 2021, we chose to firmly commit to a DefaultVeg approach to help reduce meat and dairy consumption. Such reduction will help transform […]
    - Neil Levy
    Written by Neil Levy Everyone agrees that ignorance of fact can excuse. If I take your suitcase thinking it was mine, and my belief that it was mine was faultless (perhaps the coach driver handed it to me, saying “this is yours”, and it looked exactly like mine), I seem excused of blame for taking […]
    - Jonathan Pugh
    Recent media reports have highlighted a study suggesting that so-called “lab grown brain cells” can “play the video game ‘Pong’”. Whilst the researchers have described the system as ‘sentient’, others have maintained that we should use the term ”thinking system” to describe the system that the researchers created. Does it matter whether we describe this […]
    - admin
    NATIONAL OXFORD UEHIRO PRIZE IN PRACTICAL ETHICS 2023 • All graduate and undergraduate students (full and part-time) currently enrolled at any UK university, in any subject, are invited to enter the National Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics by submitting an essay of up to 2000 words on any topic relevant to practical ethics. • […]
    - Roger Crisp
    by Roger Crisp It’s often been said (including by Socrates) that the most important, ultimate, or fundamental question in ethics is: ‘How should one live?’. That is usually understood as equivalent to: ‘How should I live?’. If so, then I’m not sure that this is the most important ethical question. Consider the following case from […]
    - admin
    We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 10 Issue 1 of the Journal of Practical Ethics, our open access journal on moral and political philosophy. You can read our complete open access archive online and hard copies will be available to be purchased at cost price shortly. Anderson, E. S., (2022) “Can We […]
    - Max Kiener
    By Maximilian Kiener. First published on the Public Ethics Blog AI, Today and Tomorrow 77% of our electronic devices already use artificial intelligence (AI). By 2025, the global market of AI is estimated to grow to 60 billion US dollars. By 2030, AI may even boost global GDP by 15.7 trillion US dollars.  And, at […]