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    - Brian Leiter
    These short "booklets" are proliferating across many different subjects in philosophy, and while some have been pretty bad, others have attracted serious authors and look more promising. The Elements volumes offer one very attractive feature for authors (especially junior authors),...
    - Brian Leiter
    It wasn't possible (due to false positives) to search smoe (like Berkeley, David Lewis, William James, and Bacon--Berkeley and Lewis would have surely been in the top 30), but for the rest the number of articles in which they appear...
    - Brian Leiter
    Yujin Nagasawa (philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind), currently Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, has accepted appointment as Professor of Philosophy and holder of the Kingfisher Chair in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics at the University of...
    - Brian Leiter
    This is it. Learned of it through a visiting professor from Hong Kong. Very casual, also BYOB. The best Kung Pao Chicken and Twice Cooked Pork I've had in a long, long time.
    - Brian Leiter
    A philosopher at a public university in Florida shares the email their Chair felt the need (no doubt correctly) to send out: I wanted to give you a heads up about a recent law that has passed our legislature, SB...
    - Brian Leiter
    Back in 2010. I'll have to run one of these surveys again.
    - Brian Leiter
    Here's a story about the 1937 Memorial Day massacre of striking workers in Chicago.
    - Brian Leiter
    Tenure will remain at public universities in Texas, but new standards for revocation of tenure have been codified, including "moral turpitude" (without any definition or requirement for a criminal conviction) and "unprofessional conduct" that "adversely affects the institution." What if...
    - Brian Leiter
    ORIGINALLY POSTED DECEMBER 15, 2018 Youngstown, Ohio hard rock/heavy metal outfit (think Black Sabbath) led by guitarist Jim Gustafson. They had a big Ohio following, but thanks to bad luck and lack of smart management, never made it nationally or...
    by Rick Lewis
    Big Brother learns to read your mind • Philosophy teachers resolve to associate • Scottish ethicists back euthanasia bill — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
    by Matt Qvortrup
    Justin Bartlett explores a basic distinction between understandings of ethics.
    Michael-John Turp asks if anyone has the authority to establish moral truth.
    by Yahia Lababidi
    Paul Stearns argues against moral relativism and moral presentism.
    Myles King contends that physics helps us understand ethics.
    by Daniel Galef
    Andrew Kemle says that evolutionary forces give us the answer.
    - Philosophy Now
    The Mental Universe Debate
    Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now (and author of The Metarevolution) is joined by members of London philosophy groups Philosophy For All and the Philosophical Society of England to debate an argument advanced by PFA member Kieran Quill that according to quantum mechanics the universe is mental in nature. Join us to hear the fallout. First broadcast on 29 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    The Linguistic Wizardry of Ludwig Wittgenstein
    Ludwig Wittgenstein worked out how language has meaning, twice. He also thought that some of the most important things we can know we can’t express at all. Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now finds out the meaning and limits of language from guest Daniel Hutto from the University of Wollongong, NSW. First broadcast on 22 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Philosophy, Lies and Politics
    Might Nietzsche be right, claiming that lying is “a condition of life?” – Or Kant, arguing that lying means annihilating human dignity? Is it ever acceptable for governments to lie to the public or for individuals to lie to the government? Anja Steinbauer is joined by politician and philosopher Shahrar Ali and moral philosopher Piers Benn to discuss whether lying can be a good thing. First broadcast on 15 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Beyond Right and Wrong
    What is meta-ethics? How does meta-ethics differ from ethics, and what does it tell us about ethics? Why is it important for how we should live our lives? Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and his guests Edward Harcourt from Keble College, Oxford, and Richard Rowland from the University of Warwick, to find the answers to these questions and more. First broadcast on 8 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    The Hidden World of Immanuel Kant
    Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and guests John Callanan from King’s College, London, and Andrew Ward from the University of York to talk about the most important idea you’ve never heard of, and some other persuasive arguments from revolutionary but unfortunately unknown-to-the-world philosopher Immanuel Kant. First broadcast on 1 June 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    How Come Consciousness?
    Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and guests Philip Goff from the University of Liverpool and Tom McClelland from the University of Manchester as they try to work out how all that electricity between your nerve cells relates to and produces all your experiences and thoughts. First broadcast on 25 May 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Buddhist Philosophy
    What has Buddhism to offer the 21st Century? Join Anja Steinbauer and her guests, Martin Muchall and Rick Lewis, for a critical discussion of ideas in and about Buddhism. First broadcast on 18 May 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    Impressions of David Hume
    Isaiah Berlin said of David Hume, “No man has influenced the history of philosophy to a deeper or more disturbing degree.” Join Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now plus guests Jane O’Grady, Peter Kail and James Arnold to find out why. First broadcast on 11 May 2014 on Resonance FM.
    - Philosophy Now
    In Defence of Wonder
    Look inside the mind of a famous thinker: Grant Bartley from Philosophy Now and writer Daryn Green talk to author and Philosophy Now columnist Raymond Tallis about his latest book, In Defence of Wonder, and about the influences and motivations which have made him a philosopher. Recorded on 31 May 2012.
    - Philosophy Now
    Philosophy and Literature
    Both philosophy and literature represent the world and reflect on it. They are clearly different, yet converge, overlap and relate to one another in various ways. Can anything be gained philosophically by examining literature? Conversely, does it add to our understanding of literature to look at it from a philosophical point of view? Anja Steinbauer, President of Philosophy For All, and her guests Gregory Currie from the University of Nottingham, Stacie Friend from Heythrop College, University of London, and Edward Harcourt from Keble College, University of Oxford, discuss truth and ethics in philosophy and literature. First broadcast on 27 March 2012 on Resonance FM.
    - Mette Høeg
    Perceptual diversity and philosophical belief
    Reading up on Derek Parfit’s theory of personal identity as part of my research on non-essential accounts of self in literature, philosophy and neuroscience, I was astounded to come across a New Yorker feature on the philosopher which describes his inability to visualise imagery as an anomaly: “He has few memories of his past, and […]
    - Muriel Leuenberger
    Written by Muriel Leuenberger The more philosophers I have come to know, the more I realize how deeply personal philosophy is. Philosophical positions often emerge from personal experience and character – even the seemingly most technical, detached, and abstract ones. As Iris Murdoch wrote: “To do philosophy is to explore one’s own temperament, and yet […]
    - admin
    An interview with academic visitor Dr María de Jesús Medina Arellano, Professor and Researcher at the Institute of Legal Research at the National Autonomous University (UNAM), on her research focusing on the ethics and regulation of biotechnologies in developing countries, such as stem cell science, human genome editing and reproductive technologies.
    - admin
    Book Launch: Pandemic Ethics: From Covid-19 to Disease X
    Press release and an interview with Prof Dominic Wilkinson on the new book, Pandemic Ethics: From Covid-19 to Disease X, which he has co-authored with Prof Julian Savulescu. Press Release: Are we ethically prepared for Disease X? 1 May 2023 According to some estimates, there is more than a one in four chance in the […]
    - Charles Foster
    In Praise of Unthinking National Religion
    By Charles Foster Image: Easter on Santorini: Georgios Michos, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons: Link to image here. I spent Orthodox Easter in Greece. Then, and for the week afterwards, the neon displays over the main roads announced ‘Christ is Risen’, and the shopkeepers wished me a ‘Good Resurrection’. This piety isn’t reserved […]
    - admin
    Cross Post: Dutch Government to Expand Euthanasia Law to Include Children Aged One to 12 – An Ethicist’s View
    Written by Dominic Wilkinson, University of Oxford Ernst Kuipers, the Dutch health minister, recently announced that regulations were being modified to allow doctors to actively end the lives of children aged one to 12 years who were terminally ill and suffering unbearably. Previously, assisted dying was an option in the Netherlands in rare cases in […]
    - Alberto Giubilini
    Written by Alberto Giubilini We might be forgiven for asking so frequently these days whether we should trust artificial intelligence. Too much has been written about the promises and perils of ChatGPT to escape the question. Upon reading both enthusiastic and concerned accounts of it, there seems to be very little the software cannot do. […]
    - César Palacios-González
    written by César Palacios-González @CPalaciosG If I were to post online that you have been accused of sexually harassing someone, you could rightly maintain that this is libellous. This is a false statement that damages your reputation. You could demand that I correct it and that I do so as soon as possible. The legal […]
    - David Lyreskog
    How Brain-to-Brain Interfaces Will Make Things Difficult for Us
    Written by David Lyreskog   A growing number of technologies are currently being developed to improve and distribute thinking and decision-making. Rapid progress in brain-to-brain interfacing, and hybrid and artificial intelligence, promises to transform how we think about collective and collaborative cognitive tasks. With implementations ranging from research to entertainment, and from therapeutics to military […]
    - admin
    An interview with OUC academic visitor and former Oxford Uehiro Centre DPhil student Dr Emma Dore Horgan on her research into the ethics of neuro-interventions for offenders.