U.S. press puts Iraq dead on back pages

2 September 2004 | United Press International

WASHINGTON — U.S. newspapers are moving stories of American troops dying in Iraq to the back pages, the Washington Monthly has reported.

The magazine noted in its September issue that on July 9, the Los Angeles Times put the story of five soldiers being killed on page 7 and the New York Times put it on page 8.

On July 22, the magazine said, The Washington Times headlined a story “U.S. Troops Dying Two Per Day Since Turnover in Iraq,” but only put it on page 10.

Also, “stories of the wounded, nearing 6,000 at last count,” need to be told,” Washington Monthly founding editor Charles Peters wrote. “Many Americans have no idea of the terrible injuries that have been suffered, and of the impact those injuries are having on the lives of the wounded as they return to the civilian world.”

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