U.S. Revises Up 2003 Terrorism Deaths to 625

[ Following up a story printed here, the Bush Administration has had to admit its estimation of its anti-terror successes were way off. Thanks to David Donahoe for forwarding this article. NPR’s coverage is brief, but worth a listen, too: Terrorism was at a 20-year high during 2003, rather than a 34-year low! –BL ]

Jun 22, 2004 | Reuters

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration on Tuesday will say terrorism killed 625 people in 2003, more than double the 307 deaths it cited in a faulty report used to argue it is winning the war on terrorism, a U.S. official said.

The revisions to the April “Patterns of Global Terrorism” report have embarrassed the Bush administration and dented its argument that Washington is prevailing in the war on terrorism, a key part of President Bush’s re-election strategy.

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