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The Hidden State of the Union

[ For those not familiar with Lakoff's competing-models analysis of moral politics, this is a timely introduction. — doclalor ] The Hidden State of the Union http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=17643 By George Lakoff, AlterNet January 22, 2004 We all heard what the President said in the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, but what did he mean? The speech, like most right-wing discourse these days, is in a kind of code, based on a moral system that not all Americans share. Lying below the 50-50 political schism in this country are two opposing worldviews. Each sees national politics through the lens […]

Labor Department ‘cheat sheet’ puts screws to workers

[ Thanks to Sundra Flansburg for sending this article. ] Labor Department 'cheat sheet' puts screws to workers South Bend Tribune, January 18, 2004 [ link ] by EILEEN APPELBAUM, KRT Forum NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Just when you thought the Bush administration's disdain for America's working families couldn't get any worse, along comes another cynical move to prove you wrong. This time it's the Labor Department putting out tips for employers on how they can avoid paying overtime to low-income workers when the government's new rules on overtime pay go into effect in March. A cheat sheet, if you will, […]