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Index of Passages and Vocabulary

Links to passages Aristotle poses the question: How is happiness acquired? Aristotle’s definition of virtue Martin Luther King’s “an unjust law” Martin Luther King’s “difference made legal” Mill’s harm principle Mill’s utility interpreted in light of humanity’s “progressive being” Plato’s

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Land Here

THE Texts Open Philosophy is a dynamic anthology of “open texts” in philosophy. › THE Prof I’m Brendan Lalor, a philosophy professor at Castleton State College in Vermont. › [widgets_on_pages id=”Phil Text Images”]

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Open Philosophy is a little collection of primary texts in philosophy that I curate, edit, and annotate for use in my courses. You can look at a sample contents, or just browse here: [display-posts not_in=”3150,2577″ category=”texts” posts_per_page=”-1″ image_size=”thumbnail” post_type=”post” orderby=”title”

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About Brendan Lalor

Brendan Lalor Associate Professor, Philosophy Coordinator Biography I became a full time philosopher at Castleton University in Vermont in 2008, after teaching for a decade at the University of Central Oklahoma. My teaching career started over the border, though, in Albany,

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Band names, Poems, & Blurbs

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