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The Trove Down with the Invisible Regime (02/18/2011) – There is a possible revolution on every corner. Greenage in Your Gourd! (01/10/2011) – Yerba, Baby. My life is so much better with me in it (11/30/2010) – Okay, programmy album title. Twitching Mystic (09/13/2010) – In the dark center of the Temple of Reason is a mystic-priestess in ecstasy. Typographical Eros (08/24/2010) – Re-reading work is excruciating for self-critical perfectionists. But typographical eros is a more loving approach. Dead Buddha (08/13/2010) – Aren’t they all? Spontaneous Picnic (07/05/2010) – with B&T on Gale Meadows Pond … Enigmaic Tortilla (04/22/2010) – […]