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“Free Trade” Trumps Environmental Protections?

[ Engler and Martinez document below the way Costa Rica is being strong-armed “to back down on enforcing [its] environmental laws” by the Harken oil company — in the name of “free trade.” NAFTA-style trade agreements (like CAFTA and FTAA) allow companies to sue countries for lost profits. In one famous 1998 case, the Ethyl Corporation sued Canada over its public health ban on MMT, a fuel additive. Canada chose to overturn its environmental provision and pay $13 million to Ethyl rather than risk $251 million in damages. Should Canadians really have to give up their right to an environment […]

Utility Companies Write EPA’s Mercury Emissions Policy

Mercury Uprising Bush's mercury proposal draws heat from both sides of the aisle 30 Mar 2004, Grist Magazine A handful of Beltway wags are contending that mercury is the new arsenic, the latest symbol of official disregard for environmental health. Their claim is lent credence by an ongoing flurry of controversies surrounding the Bush administration’s plan for dealing with the toxic pollutant. A revealing article published in the Los Angeles Times two weeks ago intensified the commotion. According to reporters Tom Hamburger and Alan C. Miller, five career U.S. EPA employees charge that President Bush‘s political appointees railroaded the administration’s […]

New Evidence on the “School of the Americas”

[ Below is a new contribution to the evidence damning the so-called “School of the Americas,” run by the U.S. Army in Ft. Benning, GA. –doclalor ] New Research Findings Further Incriminate the Notorious SOA/WHINSEC Last Updated 3/23/04 by SOA Watch Introduction — Since 1990, Latin American human right and justice advocates have worked to make known the human rights violations committed by graduates of the US Army School of the Americas. These include the high profile killings of Archbishop Oscar Romero in El Salvador, the 4 U.S. Churchwomen in El Salvador, the 6 Jesuit priests and their coworkers in […]