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Untruths from Condie Rice and Scott McClellan

by Brendan Lalor The stream of misinformation from the White House continues to flow. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice stated in testimony before the 9/11 Commission that RICE: … [the August 6 Presidential Daily Brief] did not warn of attacks inside the United States. It was historical information based on old reporting. There was no new threat information. And it did not, in fact, warn of any coming attacks inside the United States. As Lerxst points out, she later appeared to contradict her crucial “old reporting” claim: KEAN: This is the last question, Senator. KERREY: Actually it won’t be a […]

Will the 2004 Election Be Called Off? Why Three Out of Four Experts Predict a Terrorist Attack by November

[ WARNING: the possibility discussed in the article below — of the “suspension of the U.S. Constitution and the installation of a military form of government” led by Bush — is sure to cause the onset of a deep sense of gloom … But it’s a must-read — not because there’s an overwhelming probability that this will come to pass, but because it’s a grave and, unfortunately, plausible (if not probable) scenario. –doclalor ] April 6, 2004, BuzzFlash.com by Maureen Farrell On Dec. 31, 2003, New York Times columnist and former Nixon speech writer William Safire offered his standard New Year’s […]