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Misery in Iraq: The Latest

[ “The head of US Central Command in Iraq, General John Abizaid,” says he needs at least 10,000 more troops in Iraq. Before the war neither Rumsfeld nor Wolfowitz would hear anything about this from the experts. From CBS, Feb. 28, 2003: It’s also unclear how long the U.S. will maintain a presence in post-war Iraq, and how many troops will have to be there. This week, Army chief of staff Gen. Eric Shinseki guessed “several hundred thousand” soldiers could be needed, but Rumsfeld predicts far fewer will be required. The article below is captures the situation in Iraq now. […]

Hospitals in Fallujah Report Deaths of Children, Women, Elderly

April 12, 2004 | Democracy Now! The town of Fallujah is under siege and there are reports of a massacre of Iraqis at the hands U.S. troops. The death toll in the town has now topped 600 with over 1,000 injured. Local hospitals reported the majority of the dead were women, children and the elderly. The U.S. maintains 95 percent of those killed were members of the resistance. This according to the Guardian of London. More than 60,000 women and children fled the city during a brief ceasefire on Friday but the US blocked any men of military age from […]

How Did Iraq Spin Out of U.S. Control?

[ From the article: “[The paper] Al Hawza was closed March 28 for what US administrators deemed its tendency to incite violence…. It proved a miscalculation.” –doclalor ] Uprising in Iraq March 28 US-led coalition authorities close Moqtada al-Sadr’s newspaper, Al Hawza. March 31 A guerrilla ambush on two vehicles in Fallujah kills four American military contractors. Images of their mutilated bodies are shown worldwide. April 3 The arrest of Mustafa al-Yacoubi, a close aide of Sadr and a lieutenant in Najaf, provokes demonstrations and attacks in Baghdad and southern Iraq. April 4 Dozens of militants belonging to Sadr’s Mahdi army […]

Ashcroft’s Record of Lying to Congress About 9/11

April 13, 2004 | Misleader.org With Attorney General John Ashcroft testifying before the 9/11 Commission today, a quick analysis of his previous statements shows he has repeatedly lied to Congress about the Bush Administration’s counterterrorism record. Specifically, when questioned by Congress in 2002 about why he tried to de-prioritize and slash funding for counterterrorism before 9/11, Ashcroft resorted to dishonest denials — even in the face of budget documents that proved he was not telling the truth. For instance, in testimony before the House of Representatives, Ashcroft said that before 9/11, his “number-one goal” at the Justice Department “was the […]

Taxpayers’ total contribution to military is close to 40 cents of every dollar

APRIL 8, 2004 | National Priorities Project Nearly Half of Every Tax Dollar Goes to Military, National Debt NORTHAMPTON, MA – April 8 – As April 15 approaches and people prepare to pay their 2003 income taxes, they should know that nearly half of every dollar they owe will be used to support military spending and interest on the national debt. Military spending in 2003 required 29 cents of every income tax dollar, with the debt taking another 20 cents, according to the National Priorities Project. By comparison, education and veterans benefits receive only four cents of every income tax […]

‘US is bigger threat than terror’

BBC NEWS, April, 9, 2004 Globalisation and the US pose a more serious threat to the world than war and terrorism, according to a BBC poll. Corruption came second on a list of the biggest problems facing the world, the survey of BBC viewers worldwide found. Conflicts – war and terrorism – ranked third, with 50%, followed by hunger, 49%, and climate change with 44%. BBC World asked 1,500 viewers of its news and international channel for the biggest problems in the world with 52% saying the US and globalisation. Respondents from Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Middle […]