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“Tax Cuts” Actually Regressive Tax Shift

April 21, 2004 | AlterNet by Sean Gonsalves Analysts at United for a Fair Economy have just released a new report called “Shifty Tax Cuts: How They Move the Tax Burden off the Rich and onto Everyone Else.” Here are some of the key findings in the report. (Click here to see the full report.) For fiscal years 2002-2004, state governments filled approximately $200 billion in budget gaps by raising state taxes and fees and by cutting services. And during those same years, newly enacted federal tax cuts delivered about as much money — $197.3 billion — in new tax […]

Photos released in error (War & Censorship, part II)

[ This piece covers the Pentagon’s chagrin over the Air Force’s erroneous release of photos of U.S. soldiers’ flag-draped coffins (in violation of the Administration’s policy preventing access to the Dover mortuary). Getting photos like these out has already cost U.S. workers in the Middle East their jobs. –BL ] by Caroline Overington April 24, 2004 | The Age [Australia] The US Air Force released 361 photographs of the flag-draped coffins of American soldiers to an internet website yesterday, angering the Pentagon. The photographs – which Department of Defence photographers took at an air force base that doubles as a soldiers’ […]

Censorship in Iraq (War & Censorship, part I)

[ This piece covers the U.S. military’s declaration of posters picturing the controversial cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, forbidden. Company commander Capt. Ronald Hayward, who gave his soldiers the order to quell Iraqis’ free expression, said, “I think it was important [to remove the posters] because al-Sadr currently stands for all things that are anti-coalition.” –BL ] Tension forms when Soldiers take down posters of Al-Sadr April 21, 2004 | Army News Service by Spc. Jan Critchfield BAGHDAD, Iraq (Army News Service, April 21, 2004) — Engineers from Fort Hood avert a possible riot after taking down posters of anti-coalition cleric Muqtada […]