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Unaccountable Contractors Involved in Interrogations

[ From the article: A military report into the Abu Ghraib case – parts of which were made available to the Guardian – makes it clear that private contractors were supervising interrogations in the prison, which was notorious for torture and executions under Saddam Hussein. One civilian contractor was accused of raping a young male prisoner but has not been charged because military law has no jurisdiction over him. Hired guns from a wide array of private security firms are playing a central role in the US-led occupation of Iraq. The killing of four private contractors in Falluja on March […]

Prison Photos: The sh*t has hit the fan, and is headed west

[ For more on the conditions — condemned by Amnesty International — in which the U.S. has detained and tortured Iraqis, including Free Speech Radio Network interviews with Abu Ghraib prison insiders and more, visit this DemocracyNow! page. –BL ] by Brendan Lalor If you have not seen the photos of U.S. soldiers sexually and otherwise abusing and humiliating Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison, they are available at InformationClearingHouse.info. The prison photo story, which broke in a major way when the photos became public a few days ago, has of course fueled anti-U.S. sentiment in the Arab world. […]

Brazil’s Lula Recognizes U.S.-Backed Coup in Haiti

[ In what appears to be a loss of nerve, Brazil’s Lula said, “his country was prepared to take command of the U.N. force and send 1,470 troops if the international community made a commitment to rebuild Haiti.” The commitment may represent capitulation of the socialist leader, and acceptance of the recent U.S.-supported coup in Haiti. On the other hand, Lula doesn’t aim to facilitate a return of Aristide, does he? (Note the reference to “a … rebellion [that] led the country’s first democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, to flee in February.” No mention of the coercive role the U.S. […]

AP Toll Says 1, 361 Iraqis Killed in April

April 30, 2004 | Associated Press BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — Volunteers hunting for bodies in Fallujah find a woman and her daughter in their home, killed in the siege but undiscovered for days. Chanting mourners bury two boys caught in the crossfire of a Baghdad gunfight. A morgue in Basra overflows with torn and burned bodies from a suicide bombing. Victims — young and old, women and men, insurgents and innocents — have been piling up day by day, making April the deadliest month for Iraqis — and Americans — since the fall of Saddam Hussein a year ago. Official […]

Prison Part of a Way of Life in U.S.

Study Tracks Boom in Prisons and Notes Impact on Counties April 30, 2004 | New York Times by FOX BUTTERFIELD A study mapping the prisons built in the boom of the last two decades has found that some counties in the United States now have more than 30 percent of their residents behind bars. The study, by the Urban Institute, also found that nearly a third of counties have at least one prison. “This study shows that the prison network is now deeply intertwined with American life, deeply integrated into the physical and economic infrastructure of a large number of […]