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Bush: ‘I Haven’t Suffered Doubt’

[ From the article: Bush was so free of doubt about going to war that he didn’t even ask most of his top advisers what they thought…. Bush explained that he already knew that Vice President Dick Cheney was gung-ho, and he … ‘could tell what [Powell and Rumsfeld] thought’…. Bush displayed no second thoughts about Iraq’s postwar miseries or the failure to turn up any WMD. “I haven’t suffered doubt,” he told Woodward. –BL ] April 26, 2004 | Newsweek by David Hume Kennerly

Defense Science Board May Provoke Terrorist Attacks

[ According to the Los Angeles Times, one recent strategy suggested by the Defense Science Board (under the direction of Donald Rumsfeld) is to create a “super-Intelligence Support Activity” organization whose “covert action, information warfare, intelligence, and cover and deception” would allow it to launch secret operations aimed at “stimulating reactions” among terrorists and states possessing weapons of mass destruction — that is, for instance, prodding terrorist cells into action and exposing themselves to “quick-response” attacks by U.S. forces. While I am not predicting that this body will, under Rumsfeld’s direction, orchestrate a terrorist attack in the U.S., followed by […]

U.S. Lobbied Against Prison Inspections to Enforce Convention Against Torture

[ It’s as if the U.S. has long had a motive to prevent prison inspections. This piece has resurfaced thanks to InformationClearingHouse.info. –BL ] US finds strange bedfellows in UN vote on torture April 19, 2002 | Christian Science Monitor A proposal including prison inspections is set for a vote today, but Washington says it conflicts with US law. by Peter Ford PARIS – The United States has aligned itself with some of its fiercest and least democratic enemies in opposing efforts to strengthen an international treaty that outlaws torture, according to diplomatic sources. Washington has found itself on the same […]