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Sudan’s ‘Starving’ Civilians

[ The genocide in Sudan continues as the world remains fully preoccupied with the latest disasterous results of Bush foriegn policy. –BL ] May 6, 2004 | News24 [Southern Africa] Nairobi – The Sudanese government is deliberately starving civilians in at least one town in the troubled western Darfur region, according to a UN report obtained on Thursday, which also pointed to a campaign of ethnic cleansing there.

Spineless Senate Confirms Negroponte Ambassador to Iraq

[ This story follows up some earlier ones on Negroponte’s ignoble past. For those in higher education, it is worth mentioning a little-known fact about Negroponte: he is Executive Vice President for Global Markets of The McGraw-Hill Companies. Boycott, anyone? –BL ] Chomsky Blasts Negroponte Appointment to Iraq Embassy May 7th, 2004 | DemocracyNow! On Thursday, the Senate voted 95 to 3 to approve UN ambassador John Negroponte as the head of the new US embassy in Iraq. According to the Los Angeles Times, only one Senator, Democrat Tom Harkin of Iowa said that Negroponte’s record as ambassador of Honduras made […]

Why The Economist (and Washington) prescribe ?regime change? for Venezuela

[ It’s about both oil (see below) and, as I’ve argued elsewhere, free trade. [Venezuela’s] Hydrocarbons Act, passed in November 2001, increased petroleum royalties [for Venezuela] from 16.7 percent to 30 percent and reserved a stake of more than 50 percent for the state in joint ventures. Billion of dollars from these funds are now earmarked for financing agrarian reforms and other social programs. ?All across this oil-rich and poverty-riddled country, the state oil giant…is embarking on a radical and wide-ranging social spending program that includes building homes, running literacy programs and developing agriculture,? reported the New York Times on […]

“Chaos in the Middle East is not the Bush hawks’ nightmare scenario — it’s their plan.”

Sacrificing America’s Children to ‘Make the World a Better Place’ May 4, 2004 | BuzzFlash.com by Maureen Farrell While Colin Powell?s angst over last February?s reputation-tainting U.N. presentation has been colorfully documented ("This is bullshit!," he said at one point), the May issue of Vanity Fair is teeming with information that even ardent Bush administration apologists would be hard pressed to defend. And while it’s no surprise that Dick Cheney strong-armed others into backing the war in Iraq, his ruthless eagerness to deceive is, in itself, a revelation. If tall tales about mobile labs, WMD stockpiles and Iraq’s ties to […]

Bush in 2002: “we prepare our military for action, we will protect our military from international courts”

Transcript of remarks by George W. Bush, thanks to InformationClearingHouse.info. 07/19/2002 | White House THE PRESIDENT: As we prepare our military for action, we will protect our military from international courts and committees with agendas of their own. AUDIENCE: Hooah. THE PRESIDENT: You might have heard about a treaty that would place American troops under the jurisdiction of something called the International Criminal Court. The United States cooperates with many other nations to keep the peace, but we will not submit American troops to prosecutors and judges whose jurisdiction we do not accept. AUDIENCE: Hooah. (Applause.) THE PRESIDENT: Our nation […]

‘US soldiers abused young girl at Iraqi prison’

[ Senate Intelligence Committee member Diane Feinstein said she has learned of worse revelations than the widely circulated Abu Ghraib photos. Rumsfeld has confirmed this. Below is an unconfirmed report by an al-Jazeera journalist who claims to have been imprisoned at Abu Ghraib which might be a glance at things to come. He says he witnessed abuse of a 12 year-old girl — I presume in order to coerce her brother, a prisoner in the cell block, to reveal information. "She was naked and screaming and calling out to him as they beat her. Her brother was helpless and could […]