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Michael Moore on Farenheit 9/11

[ In Michael Moore’s latest move in the Farenheit 9/11 dispute, he points out that after shooting started “Eisner was furious that Miramax signed this deal with me.” But Disney forked over $6 million for continued production. Among other Disney claims was this: “Fahrenheit 9/11 is not the Disney brand; we put out family oriented films.” So true. That’s why the #1 Disney film in theaters right now is a film called, KILL BILL, VOL. 2. This excellent Miramax film, along with other classics like Pulp Fiction, have all been distributed by Disney. That’s why Miramax exists — to provide […]

Iraqis’ doubts of U.S. deepen

[ From the article: “For the first time, according to Dulame’s poll, a majority of Iraqis said they’d feel safer if the U.S. military withdrew immediately.” –BL ] 9 May 2004 | KNIGHT RIDDER NEWSPAPERS by Hannah Allam

Chavez: US is a terrorist state

09 May 2004 | Al-Jazeera Hugo Chávez: The US is inciting people to kill Fidel Castro Venezuela’s president has condemned the United States as a “terrorist state” for toughening sanctions against Cuba. Hugo Chávez vowed on Sunday that his government would increase its trade and cooperation with the Communist island. In a television broadcast, the left-wing leader attacked Washington’s measures announced on Thursday which seek to reduce still further the flow of dollars to cash-strapped Cuba. The policy includes an increase in support for internal opponents of President Fidel Castro. “That’s called state terrorism, inciting people to kill President Castro, […]