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90% of the 43,000 Iraqis Imprisoned During Occupation ‘Arrested by Mistake’

[ See this FT piece and the Washington Post piece below. –BL ] Most Iraqi detainees ‘arrested by mistake’ May 10, 2004 | Financial Times by Frances Williams in Geneva Coalition military intelligence officers believed 70-90 per cent of Iraqi detainees were “arrested by mistake”, according to a leaked Red Cross report on prisoner abuse, further details of which were disclosed on Monday.

‘Too nice’ jail commander is fired

[ InformationClearingHouse.info has brought another relevant piece out of the vault … from 2002. –BL ] October 17 2002 | Sydney Morning Herlad Relieved of his command … Brigadier-General Rick Baccus was accused of wanting to allow the [Guantanamo Bay] prisoners too many human rights.

Those Who Deny the Crimes of the Past

Reflections on American Racist Atrocity Denial, 1776-2004 March 11, 2004 | ZNet by Paul Street The U.S. Marines stood by and did nothing while the library at the Aristide Foundation was burned. With my own eyes I saw the American Marines stand and watch while rebels cut a woman and shot her. I yelled at them, “Do something!” and they swung their guns around toward me and yelled, “Get back!” While I hid in a field the American Marines put their hats on the bodies of dead people and posed for pictures with them. It made me sick because in […]

Pentagon Forbids Personnel from Viewing Online Report

Military Personnel: Don’t Read This! How a Pentagon email sought to contain the prison abuse scandal May 08, 2004 | Time.com by VIVIENNE WALT / BAGHDAD It’s not exactly every day that the Pentagon warns military personnel to stay away from Fox News. But that’s exactly what some hopeful soul at the Department of Defense instructed, in a memo intended to forbid Pentagon staff reading a copy of the Taguba report detailing abuse of detainees at prisons in Iraq that had been posted at the Fox News web site.

Army Times says: “the folks in the Pentagon are talking about the wrong morons”

Editorial: A failure of leadership at the highest levels 17 May 2004 | ArmyTimes.com Around the halls of the Pentagon, a term of caustic derision has emerged for the enlisted soldiers at the heart of the furor over the Abu Ghraib prison scandal: the six morons who lost the war. Indeed, the damage done to the U.S. military and the nation as a whole by the horrifying photographs of U.S. soldiers abusing Iraqi detainees at the notorious prison is incalculable. But the folks in the Pentagon are talking about the wrong morons.