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Check out payphone-project.com

Hello, Pay Phone Information? Enthusiast Provides the Answer May 13, 2004 | New York Times by IAN URBINA It started as an art project. Blue spiral notebook in hand, Mark Thomas spent afternoons walking the streets of Manhattan, compiling the numbers and locations of public pay phones. He posted them on his Web site in the hope that people would call them. “There is real beauty in whimsical acts of contact between strangers,” he explained. Soon his list expanded to include public phones at the top of the Eiffel Tower, in the basement of the Vatican, in the middle of […]

Senator ‘Outraged at Outrage’ in Iraq Prison Case

[ Senator Inhofe is an embarrasment to Oklahoma. His recent, Limbaugh-esque defense of the abusers at Abu Ghraib (see below) reveals either culpable ignorance or an outright evil character: “[T]hese prisoners, they’re murderers, they’re terrorists, they’re insurgents. Many of them probably have American blood on their hands and here we’re so concerned about the treatment of those individuals.” One imagines a Jesus, whom Inhofe and his ilk claim to follow, shocked at the callous disregard for so many innocent non-Americans. For a glimpse into these minds and their high tolerance for violence in the Middle East, see this piece from […]

Evangelicals Shape U.S. Foreign Policy

[ From the article: The vast majority of Jews desperately want to avoid a full-scale conflagration between Israel and the Arab world. Dispensationalists don’t. In the dispensationalist narrative, Christians will be raptured to heaven before all the fighting between Jews and Muslims starts. Everyone left will face mass death and destruction… Thus evangelical Christians’ support for policies like the permanent takeover the West Bank and Gaza and even, in some cases, the expulsion of Palestinians into Jordan, should be understood in the context of a worldview in which world war is inevitable….. Dispensationalist Christians believe that this is all in […]

House Bill Proposes Conscientious Objection Option for War Taxes

Death and taxes: The unconscionable connection May 2004 | Sojourners by Timothy Godshall No one argues the certainty of death and taxes. It is the connection between the two that weighs heavily on the consciences of many. In 2003, nearly 42 cents out of every U.S. income tax dollar paid for the military. And this year we will be asked to pay even more for high-tech weaponry while billions of dollars are cut from social programs. The president’s 2005 budget proposal calls for a 7% increase in military spending. By comparison, the increase in domestic, non-homeland security spending is 0.1%. […]

Top Officials Hold Fake Degrees

May 10,2004 | CBS News They are safety engineers at nuclear power plants and biological weapons experts. They work at NATO headquarters, at the Pentagon and at nearly every other federal agency. And, as CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports, they’re employees with degrees from phony schools.

Vengeful Troops May Believe There is Connection Between Iraq and Sept. 11

[ From the article: Sept. 11 imagery provided a backdrop for many troops during the early phases of the war. The Navy Seabees, for example, called their Kuwaiti base “Camp 93” in honor of the passengers who fought hijackers aboard United Airlines Flight 93 before it crashed in Pennsylvania. One of the units at Abu Ghraib was named after Peter Ganci, a fire chief killed at the World Trade Center. “Soldiers were encouraged to make the incorrect links,” said Jimmy Massey, a former Marine sergeant from Waynesboro, N.C., who served in Iraq, then quit the force and has affiliated with […]