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“The U.S. is Not Like That”: History Ignored

The same, only different: Reflections on the myth of American Exceptionalism May 13, 2004 | ZMag.org by Tim Wise Though I have little faith in his ability to detect (or even define) irony, it would be interesting to know what the President thinks about the decision to reopen the investigation into the murder of Emmett Till in Mississippi, in 1955. Especially since Mr. Bush has spent the better part of the past week insisting that the torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib is inconsistent with the character and spirit of America and Americans. We, so the story goes, are […]

Powell vs. Rumsfeld on Red Cross Reports

Powell: Bush & Rumsfeld Saw Red Cross Prison Reports 13 May 2004 | DemocracyNow! A day after appearing again on Capitol Hill, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld took a secret trip to Baghdad today to meet with senior US military officials. He said he wanted to ensure that detainees were being treated properly. On Wednesday Rumsfeld admitted that the prison abuse scandal could deliver a “body blow” to U.S. efforts in Iraq. Meanwhile Secretary of State Colin Powell has said that Rumsfeld and President Bush were both fully informed of the concerns of the International Committee of the Red Cross about […]

Is There a Conspiracy Behind Berg’s Beheading?

[ While I’m not saying there is a conspiracy, it’s worth listening to the case — especially because there is now doubt as to who detained Berg (according to CBS, “The family … claimed the U.S. government detained him just before militants kidnapped him. But the FBI says Iraqi police detained Nick Berg, and the Iraqi police say they did not”). A theory along these lines is explored by James Conachy on the World Socialist Web Site (14 May 2004). Conachy points out that Questions immediately arise from the timing and political consequences of his killing. At the height of […]