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Bush and Sharon: The Oil Connection

[ From the piece: a recent study by the University of Uppsala in Sweden suggests [oil] reserves may be far smaller than the 18 trillion barrels the industry presently projects. If the new figure of 3.5 trillion barrels is correct, sometime between 2010 and 2020, worldwide production will begin to decline…. With U.S. consumption projected to increase 1/3 over the next 20 years— two thirds of which will be imported by 2020—the name of the game is reserves…. Whoever controls these reserves essentially controls the world’s economy…. Israel may not have any oil, but it is the most powerful player […]

Scant Evidence Cited in Long Detention of Iraqis

[ According to a report completed last fall by the Army’s provost marshall, only some of which has been made public, Iraqis had been held for several months for nothing more than expressing “displeasure or ill will” toward the American occupying forces. According to the New York Times’ report, this appears to be in reference to Abu Ghraib, and in conflict with Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt’s claim that “If they were innocent, they wouldn’t be at Abu Ghraib.” … unless, of course, it is illegal to express displeasure toward occupying forces. –BL ] May 30, 2004 | New York Times by […]