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Army Admits Invasion Plagued by Snafus

[ The article below reports on a study “by the Operation Iraqi Freedom Study Group at Fort Leavenworth” the conclusions of which are “at odds with the public perception of a technologically superior invasion force that easily drove Hussein from power. In fact, as the authors point out in their battle-by-battle narrative, there were many precarious moments when U.S. units were critically short of fuel and ammunition, with little understanding of the forces arrayed against them.” –BL ] 3 July 2004 | San Francisco Chronicle [page A – 1] by David Zucchino, Los Angeles Times Fort Leavenworth, Kan. — American soldiers […]

Internet Security Expert: “To keep on using [Microsoft’s] IE is like playing the lottery”

Microsoft’s browser dominance at risk as experts warn of security holes 5 July 2004 | Independent [London] by Charles Arthur, Technology Editor Its curved blue “e” sits on almost every computer desktop in the world, but the global dominance of Microsoft’s web browser could soon be over following a stark security warning from a senior panel of internet experts who say it opens the door to online criminals. They are urging all users of Internet Explorer (IE) to stop using the browser because they say it is vulnerable to hackers and credit card fraudsters. The alert, from the US Computer […]