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Thereitis.org Goes Into Lower Gear for July

by Brendan Lalor I will be sending out smaller, often much less frequent batches of news during July and at least the first part of August. But before cutting back, I want to point out the “News Roundup” page on the thereitis.org website. That page lists a subset of my news sources. Notice that a number of the sources listed offer email subscriptions to digests of the news or updates about new articles. These are handy, and I encourage you to take advantage of them.

Two Arrested At Bush July 4 Speech For Anti-Bush T-Shirts

7 July 2004 | DemocracyNow! A Texas couple was charged with trespassing on the Fourth of July for wearing anti-Bush t-shirts at a speech given by the president in West Virginia. Although the couple, Nicole and Jeffrey Rank, had tickets to the event, security insisted they leave or stand in a designated protest zone. When they refused, police detained them. From the stage Bush said, “We’re thankful that this nation they created 228 years ago remains free and independent and the best hope for all mankind.”

2,100 People Wrongly on Florida?s Voting Purge List

[ This follows up an earlier story printed here. –BL ] 7 July 2004 | DemocracyNow! The Miami Herald has determined that at least 2,100 people — many of them African-American Democrats — are wrongly included on a list of felons who may not be able to vote in Florida in November. The Miami Herald reviewed the names on a state list of voters to be purged and found 2,100 of them had been granted clemency and therefore had the right to vote. The American Civil Liberties Union has announced it will sue the state to remove the names of any […]

Foreign detainees are few in Iraq

Foreign detainees are few in Iraq 5 July 2004 | USA TODAY by Peter Eisler and Tom Squitieri Suspected foreign fighters account for less than 2% of the 5,700 captives being held as security threats in Iraq, a strong indication that Iraqis are largely responsible for the stubborn insurgency. Since last August, coalition forces have detained 17,700 people in Iraq who were considered to be enemy fighters or security risks, and about 400 were foreign nationals, according to figures supplied last week by the U.S. military command handling detention operations in Iraq. Most of those detainees were freed after a […]

Iraqi: U.S. Soldiers Laughed at Drowning

6 July 2004 | Associated Press by HAMZA HENDAWI SAMARRA, Iraq – The 19-year-old Iraqi’s swimming skills were no match for the Tigris. “Marwan, save me!” Zaidoun Fadel Hassoun screamed to his cousin, himself struggling to stay afloat. The teenager drowned; his cousin made it to shore. “I could hear them laughing,” Marwan Fadel Hassoun said, recalling how U.S. soldiers pushed the young men into the river. “They were behaving like they were watching a comedy on stage.”