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The CIA Did Not Drive the Administration to Iraq (Improved Version)

by Brendan Lalor Too many Americans are still looking for ways to justify defending George W. Bush and his Administration as good, honest leaders. These defenders of Bush seized upon Colin Powell’s pre-war “revelation” of Iraq’s “drone aircraft” as evidence backing the Administration’s claims that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the U.S. That Administration claim was debunked in short order. These defenders of Bush seized upon every news story early in the U.S. occupation of Iraq announcing supposed evidence for WMDs — news stories often appearing in the supposedly “liberal” New York Times — as evidence that Bush was […]

New Documentary Documents Fox is a Propaganda Machine

“OutFoxed”: How Rupert Murdoch Is Destroying American Journalism by Don Hazen, AlterNet July 10, 2004 | AlterNet.org As “Fahrenheit 9/11,” Michael Moore’s powerful indictment of the Bush Administration, is influencing millions of Americans in the heartland, “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism,” a devastating new documentary that exposes Bush’s biggest cheerleader opens this week in New York and San Francisco and will be featured in thousands of house parties across the country, sponsored by MoveOn.org on Sunday, July 18th. “Outfoxed” demonstrates in painful detail how one media empire, making full use of the public airwaves, can reject any semblance of […]

Enron in Context

[ The charges the U.S. government filed against Ken Lay “actually deal only with a small part of his ultimate culpability in the Enron scandal. He was at the head of a company that engaged in massive fraud, which included the looting of large sections of the population for private gain.” Further, in many ways, “The story of Enron is the story of American ruling class over the past several decades.” –BL ] The indictment of Kenneth Lay 13 July 2004 | World Socialist Web Site by Joseph Kay Former Enron CEO and Chairman Kenneth Lay pleaded not guilty on July […]

Some “Classic” Michael Moore … Bashing the Democrats

Democrats, DOA (excerpted from Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men and other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation (ReganBooks, 2001) p209 He has signed a bill providing for federal funds to be distributed to “faith-based” charitable organizations. He has expanded the number of federal crimes for which the death penalty can be given to a total of sixty. He has signed a bill outlawing gay marriages and has taken out ads on Christian radio stations touting his opposition to any form of legal same-sex couplings. In a short span of time, he has been able to kick ten million […]

Under Bush, Industry Scores Against Environmentalists Again

Roadless Rules for Forests Set Aside: USDA Plans to Reverse Clinton Prohibitions July 13, 2004 | Washington Post [Page A01] by Juliet Eilperin The Bush administration said yesterday it plans to overturn a Clinton-era rule that made nearly 60 million acres of national forest off-limits to road-building and logging, setting aside one of the most sweeping land preservation measures in decades.

Bush again tries to link Saddam, al-Qaida

Jul. 12, 2004 | Knight Ridder Newspapers by William Douglas and Jonathan S. Landay WASHINGTON – President Bush continued to insist Monday that there was an operational link between former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida despite reports by the Senate Intelligence Committee and the commission that’s investigating the Sept. 11 attacks that there was no evidence that Saddam and Islamic terrorists collaborated to kill Americans.

Voting–Republican Style

Keywords: voting machines Jul 11, 2004 | Intervention Magazine We sell the voting machines, we program the voting machines, and we count the votes. You can trust us. We are the Republicans. By Mick Youther One thing we learned from the 2000 election is that our voting system is a mess. Have things gotten any better? The government seems to think that the answer to all our voting problems is paperless electronic voting machines, and it is using our tax dollars to entice states to buy these new machines. So far, things are not looking too good. ? ?[In Boone […]

Historic ruling on Israeli ‘occupation’

[ Meanwhile, John Kerry said: I am deeply disappointed by today’s International Court of Justice ruling related o Israel?s security fence. The fence is an important tool in Israel?s fight against errorism. It is not a matter for the ICJ. –BL ]10 July 2004 | Edinburgh Evening News DAN WALDMAN FOR the first time, an international court has ruled that land captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war is occupied territory. The ruling was a boost for Palestinians, but Israel insists it won’t change its policy. Yesterday?s decision by the International Court of Justice in the Netherlands referred to […]

These Dogs Don’t Hunt: A Pentagon inspector?s defense of Halliburton is a textbook example of the cronyism of Bush’s so-called watchdogs

9 July 2004 | American Prospect by David J. Sirota and Judd Legum Fact: Halliburton has overcharged taxpayers for food, accepted kickbacks for oil subcontracts, and spent taxpayer money renting rooms at five-star resorts in Kuwait. But instead of expressing outrage the government’s top watchdog, Pentagon Inspector General Joseph Schmitz, last week parroted the company line, saying he believes Halliburton’s problems “are not out of line with the size and scope of their contracts.” He then accused the press of overemphasizing the connections between the company and its former CEO Dick Cheney, even though Vice President Cheney still collects hundreds […]

Trade Update, UNCTAD

22 June 2004 | AfricaFocus Washington, DC – The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), held every four years, met in Brazil last week. Participants issued ringing statements in favor of South-South collaboration and the need for greater equity in the international trade arena. The meeting was virtually ignored by the press in the United States and other developed countries. Nevertheless, the conference was an indicator of greater international awareness, among almost all political currents, that the current bias against developing countries is both unfair and unsustainable. The conference closing coincided with a ruling from the World Trade […]