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Millions in U.S. property lost in Iraq, report says; Halliburton claims figures only ‘projections’

July 27, 2004 | Bloomberg News Halliburton Co. has lost $18.6 million of government property in Iraq, about a third of the items it was given to manage, including trucks, computers and office furniture, government auditors claim. The auditors couldn’t account for 6,975 of 20,531 items on the ledgers of Halliburton’s KBR unit, according to a report by Stuart Bowen, auditor for the coalition provisional authority inspector general. Halliburton is providing services to U.S. troops under a contract that has generated $3.2 billion in revenue so far.

Haitians March to Support Aristide

29 July 2004 | DemocracyNow! keywords: Haiti, Aristide In Haiti, thousands of supporters of ousted President Jean Bertrand Aristide marched yesterday calling for Aristide’s return to power. The democratically elected president was ousted in Februrary in a U.S-backed coup. Protesters marched by the US embassy carrying coffins reading USA and Gerard Latortue, the name of the unelected interim prime minister. Meanwhile police found the body of a former pro-Aristide legislator Jocelyn Saint Louis, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday.


from the Oxfam newsletter (29 July 2004): keyword: CAFTA Thanks to all of you who took action on the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Nearly 8,000 eCommunity members emailed their representatives and let them know that this agreement will worsen poverty and inequality in Central America. Unable to galvanize support for CAFTA in Congress, the Bush administration has delayed the vote on this bill until after the November elections. While this is a great victory for the Oxfam America eCommunity and the Make Trade Fair campaign, we must remain vigilant to ensure that this version of CAFTA never gets […]