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“Horrors seldom seen by the American public ? already [thousands] of battlefield casualties from Iraq”

Casualty Ward: U.S. Medical Center Handles Thousands of Trauma Cases From Iraq War excerpted from Aug. 8, 2004 | ABCNEWS.com by Mike Lee L A N D S T U H L, Germany, — It looks like that opening scene from the TV comedy M*A*S*H. But Hawkeye and Pierce, Radar, and Clinger don’t exist here. These are real doctors and nurses at the Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany, facing horrors seldom seen by the American public — already over 12,000 battlefield casualties from Iraq. Their patients speak with tension in their faces. Not even the pain killers can stop all […]

Thousands of Vets Returning from Iraq Fall Through Cracks

[ From the article: Since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began, 6,239 troops had been wounded in action, according to a recent Pentagon count. Of those, 57% were so severely injured that they were unable to return to duty…. In looking to the government for their healthcare needs, new veterans follow a long line of their predecessors who, since the Civil War, have been assured that the country they fought for would make its best efforts to take care of them. But there have always been difficulties in following through. And the VA is a difficult bureaucracy to navigate […]

Citing 2000 dispute, OSCE to track US presidential vote

10 August 2004 | Boston Globe by Paul Basken, Bloomberg WASHINGTON — The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe plans to observe the US presidential election this year, concerned by the disputed results in 2000, a spokeswoman said. OSCE members, which include the United States, agreed in 1990 to invite the group to observe their elections. This would be the first invitation to a US presidential election the OSCE accepts, spokeswoman Urdur Gunnarsdottir said. The agency observed the 2002 congressional election and reported that many of the problems found in the 2000 vote were fixed.