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Veterans of Iraq war join forces to protest US invasion

2 September 2004 | Boston Globe by Marcella Bombardieri NEW YORK — A year and a half ago, Robert Sarra was a Marine sergeant in Iraq, where, he says, he once fired his M-16 at a black-cloaked old woman who failed to stop when she was told. Instead of a suicide bomb, the bundle she carried to her death held only bread, tea, and a white flag.

Warner Bros. Drops Distribution of Anti-War Film

2 September 2004 | DemocracyNow! The New York Times is reporting that Warner Brothers has decided not to distribute director David O. Russell’s new antiwar documentary when it re-releases his 1999 Gulf War movie, “Three Kings,” this fall. The studio said the anti-war documentary was “totally inappropriate” for a political season. It features interviews with Iraqi refugees and veterans of the current war in Iraq.

RNC Fares Poorly Under Fact-Checking

[ As Slate’s Eric Umansky points out, Dana Milbank, in his usual fashion, fact-checks [the Miller address at the RNC], pointing that Miller–who three years ago called Kerry “one of this nation’s authentic heroes”–was basing his charge on just one vote and that then SecDef Cheney “was demanding even deeper cuts.” Milbank also clarifies a number of other doozies. But the effort is wasted, stuffed on A25 with the please-skip-this-story head: “TOPIC OF TERROR OVERSHADOWING ALL OTHERS.” The other papers by and large ignore Zell’s zingers (in some instances, lies). –BL ] Topic of Terror Overshadowing All Others: Bush Pushes Aside […]

The Ebert and McCain Show: The good soldier and film critic delivers a broadside

[ In case you haven’t heard, USA Today has given Michael Moore press credentials to write a column from the Republican National Convention this week: Political conventions have become predictable rituals, four-day cheerleading sessions for both parties. So USA TODAY is offering readers an alternative perspective. Michael Moore, director of Fahrenheit 9/11, is writing daily from the Republican convention in New York. A month ago, conservative National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg weighed in from the Democratic convention. This is one of the installments of Moore’s column. –BL ] 1 September 04 | USA Today by Michael Moore Poor John McCain. Here’s […]

Fanning the Hysteria About Iran: NPR Leads the Charge to War

August 31, 2004 | Counterpunch by MIKE WHITNEY “We are ready to do everything necessary to give guarantees that we won’t seek nuclear weapons.” –President Mohammad Khatami When did “liberal” NPR become a champion of American aggression against Iran? Listeners to National Public Radio are increasingly apt to criticize the “rightward shift” in the station’s news coverage. The August 30 “Morning Edition” program, however, reached a new low for slanted journalism and for making the Bush Administration’s case for war with Iran. The commentary titled “US Presses UN Agency on Iran Nuclear Program” was a textbook example of propaganda dressed […]

Rebel soldiers seize town in Haiti and defy premier

[ Recall that the U.S.-installed leader of Haiti, Latortue, was to replace the Lavalas Party’s democratically elected Aristide because of Aristide’s alleged failures. Aristide’s failures were in large part due to U.S. policies designed to punish him for failing to give in to Washington’s neo-liberal agenda. What of Latortue’s? –BL ] 1 Sept 2004 | Reuters by Joseph Guyler Delva in Port-au-Prince Former soldiers who in February helped overthrow Haiti’s then president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, have taken over a town to back their demands to set up a new army. Yesterday they were out in camouflage uniforms trying to win support in […]

Crowning Prince George

[ Thanks to Melissa Rabe for forwarding this Kristof piece. –BL ] 1 September 04 | New York Times by NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF ASHLAND, Ore. — The most common literary allusion to President Bush is Shakespeare’s Prince Hal, the hard-drinking, wild-living young man who sobers up, reforms and emerges as the great English warrior King Henry V. So, as the Republicans once again crown Mr. Bush as their nominee, I decided to seek lessons from an expert on King Henry who is also one of the shrewdest analysts of current American politics and international affairs. That’s right: Shakespeare. I went to […]