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Kerry Was Framed: Wednesday’s Republican convention speeches framed John Kerry using deceptive and dishonest language

September 2, 2004 | AlterNet.org Keyword: Lakoff by George Lakoff Last night was red-meat night. Tear up the opposition and throw them to the dogs. This is traditionally a vice-presidential task so that the president can keep his hands clean. But this time Vice President Dick Cheney had the help of Zell Miller, a nominal Democrat who almost always votes with Republicans. It is important to distinguish between honest framing on the one hand, and framing by distortion and spin on the other. Arnold Schwarzenegger may actually believe that everyone and anyone can make it in this American economy, even […]

Bush Military Records Look Worse Than Ever

President Bush photographed wearing Air Force award he never earned 1 Sept 2004 | The Raw Story by John Byrne A closer examination of a photograph included in President George W. Bush’s Air Force records, released by the White House earlier this year, shows then-Second Lieutenant Bush wearing an Air Force Outstanding Unit Award which he never earned. The photograph is also displayed on George H. W. Bush’s Presidential library website. Read the full story Ben Barnes to break silence on “60 Minutes”: The Republican campaign gets ready for shock waves, as the former Texas official who says he pulled […]

A poisonous kind of justice

When Dr Thomas Butler noticed vials of plague bacteria were missing from his Texas university lab, he did the right thing and informed the FBI – only to find himself the prime suspect in a bio-terrorism investigation. Now he’s in jail, but his fate was sealed by paranoia and prejudice. Rose George investigates. 31 August 2004 | The Independent