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Memos: Bush Refused Order While in Guard

[ The dust has yet to settle on questions regarding the memos at issue in the story below. CBS insists its sources are “unimpeachable.” Either way, it’s worth remembering that the memos were not the whole 60 Minutes scoop. Oklahomans won a victory in connection with this story, which broke on CBS’s 60 Minutes: the affiliate in Oklahoma City, KWTV, had planned to preempt the show, but decided to air it due to an overwhelming volume of calls. Grassroots action! Thanks to Alexandra Dadlez for sending the AP piece below. In a related piece, the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof […]

FoxNews Hyped Alleged Attack of the Drones

[ This story follows up the hype pushed by the Bush Administration and FoxNews about the possibility of attack by Iraqi drone planes! (See, e.g., the Fox story below.) It’s worth noting that the Associated Press debunked the Fox story long ago. –BL ] U.N. Inspectors Dispute U.S. Theories on Iraqi Drones Sep 7, 2004 | Reuters by Evelyn Leopold UNITED NATIONS – U.N. inspectors said they had no evidence that Iraq had developed drones capable of delivering chemical or biological weapons, as the Bush administration contended in making its case for war, according a report obtained Tuesday.