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Three Years After 9/11: More than 40% of Americans Still Think Saddam Did It

[ Americans remain OutFoxed! –BL ] 10 Sept 2004 | Editor and Publisher Media failure or willful public indifference to the truth? ‘E & P’ readers sound off and point fingers. by Greg Mitchell NEW YORK — The latest Newsweek poll, released this week, revealed that 42% of Americans continue to believe that Saddam Hussein’s regime was “directly involved” in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, despite all the evidence to the contrary. That’s nearly as many as the 44% who disagree. It seems to matter little that every official federal probe, most recently the much-lauded 9/11 Commission, has […]

General Cites Hidden Detainees: Senators Told CIA May Have Avoided Registering Up to 100

10 Sept 2004 | Washington Post [A24] by Bradley Graham and Josh White A senior U.S. Army general who investigated the abusive treatment of prisoners in Iraq said yesterday that the CIA may have avoided registering up to 100 detainees in U.S. military facilities, a number far higher than the eight cases that Army officials had previously cited. The disclosure by Gen. Paul J. Kern at a Senate hearing stunned lawmakers, who grew more aggravated as they heard Kern and another general involved in the probe describe their own unsuccessful efforts to obtain documents from the CIA about the unregistered […]