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[ Well put, Batch. –BL ] 18 Sept. 2004 by Nathaniel Batchelder, Oklahoma City Peace House EVERYTHING AT STAKE: People I admire most include Ralph Nader and folks committed to the Greens. Because I and they are aligned on so many issues, I pray they consider the high regard underlying my words: Elections are not ?OPINION SURVEYS? to separate the righteous from the less. Elections determine WHO will sit in the seats of power for 2, 4, or 6 years, thus WHO we get to LOBBY for all the things we believe in. The voter?s choice is ALWAYS: someone better or […]

Was CBS set up “by Republicans eager to undermine reports that Bush received preferential treatment”?

[ From the piece: … even some conservative bloggers have marveled at Buckhead’s detailed knowledge of the memos and wondered whether that suggested White House involvement. –BL ] GOP Activist Made Allegations on CBS Memos: An Atlanta lawyer who helped get Clinton disbarred is the blogger who called them fakes by Peter Wallsten September 18, 2004 | Los Angeles Times WASHINGTON — It was the first public allegation that CBS News had used forged memos in its report questioning President Bush’s Air National Guard service — a highly technical explanation posted on the Web within hours of airtime, citing proportional spacing […]

Iraq had no WMD: the final verdict

[ As the Guardian reports bad news for Bush in the draft report from the U.S.-appointed Iraq Survey Group (below), it also reports (17 Sept. 2004) that, according to the National Intelligence Estimate Even the best-case scenario for Iraq is a political, economic and security situation described as tenuous…. At a hearing to discuss the White House’s requests to divert more than $3bn from aid [for Iraq] to security, senators of both main parties lambasted the lack of progress on the ground. So far less than $1bn of the $18.4bn allocated has been spent…. Referring to the lack of overall […]