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Retired Special Forces Master Sergeant: Video Depicts U.S. War Crime

2004 | NewsGateway [ click here for the video (Windows Media format) ] Stan Goff comments: “The ‘tell’ is in the audio. When the pilot asks permission to fire, he reports a large number of people? not armed people. People. And permission is granted instantly. This is an indication that the mission guidance is to shoot anyone who is in the street. This is a clear war crime, and one that begins with the commander?s stated intent in the operations order. The pilot?s exclamation of satisfaction, ‘Aw dude!’, at the end just underlines how this casual sadism comes to dominate the psyches […]

More Republican Lies in Campaign: They Admit Mailing Campaign Literature Saying Liberals Will Ban the Bible

[ Unfortunately, the Bush campaign might be right that, statistically, its target voter group — under-educated fundamentalists — can be manipulated by such kooky, deceptive scare tactics. –BL ] September 24, 2004 | New York Times by DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK The Republican Party acknowledged yesterday sending mass mailings to residents of two states warning that “liberals” seek to ban the Bible. It said the mailings were part of its effort to mobilize religious voters for President Bush.

Washington turns its back on Haitian catastrophe; offers just $50k!

25 September 2004 | World Socialist Web Site by Bill Van Auken Nature has dealt a cruel blow to the people of Haiti, deepening the intense suffering and oppression that centuries of imperialist domination have inflicted upon the Caribbean nation’s impoverished population. Tropical Storm Jeanne has buried Gonaives, the birthplace of Haiti’s struggle to cast off slavery and colonialism 200 years ago, in a sea of mud. Over 1,700 bodies have been recovered and dumped in mass graves. Thousands more people in the city as well as in cut-off rural areas are presumed dead. Tens of thousands have been left […]

Hepatitis Outbreak Laid to Water and Sewage Failures

[ As reconstruction monies are diverted to “security” … –BL ] September 25, 2004 | New York Times by JAMES GLANZ BAGHDAD, Iraq, Sept. 24 – A virulent form of hepatitis that is especially lethal for pregnant women has broken out in two of Iraq’s most troubled districts, Iraqi Health Ministry officials said in interviews here this week, and they warned that a collapse of water and sewage systems in the continuing violence in the country is probably at the root of the outbreak. The disease, called hepatitis E, is caused by a virus that is often spread by sewage-contaminated drinking […]