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U.S. Building a Dozen “Enduring Bases” In Iraq?

US bases in Iraq: sticky politics, hard math September 30, 2004 | Christian Science Monitor by David R. Francis If a new Iraq government should agree to let American forces stay on, how many bases will the US request? One, as the United States Army currently maintains in Honduras? Six, the number of installations it lists in the Netherlands. Or maybe 12? The Pentagon isn’t saying.

U.S. Left Behind by Russia: Russian Decision Today Will Put Global Climate Treaty Into Force Without U.S. Participation

30 Sept. 2004 | EnvironmentalDefense.org NY – Environmental Defense president Fred Krupp praised the Russian Government’s decision today to submit the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change to the Russian Duma for ratification. “It’s the first clear sign since May that Russia is committed to taking the steps to usher in the age of carbon limits and climate stabilization. Sadly this leaves the U.S. isolated in its refusal to join the international effort to reduce greenhouse gas pollution,” said Krupp. “Russian ratification will bring into force a landmark international treaty under which for the first time nations will work together to […]

Study: Global Warming Will Intensify Strength of Hurricanes

30 Sept. 2004 | DemocracyNow! The New York Times is reporting a major new governmental study has found that global warming is likely to produce a significant increase in intensity and rainfall of hurricanes in coming decades. The study is being described as the most comprehensive computer analysis of hurricanes to date. It was done in Princeton at the Commerce Department’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. One leading scientist at MIT said the study offers a definitive link between global warming and larger hurricanes. Hurricane expert Dr. Kerry Emmanuel said “This clinches the issue.” The study did not determine whether hurricanes […]

Hope For The Homestretch

excerpted from September 28, 2004 | TomPaine.com by Paul Rogat Loeb In an election likely to be decided as much by voter turnout as by convincing the remaining undecided, how do we maintain the hope that’s necessary to keep making the phone calls, knocking on the doors, funding the key ads and doing all the other critical tasks to get Bush out of office? Even those of us working hard for change hit walls of doubt and uncertainty about whether our actions really matter…. Last year, when millions of us rose up against the Iraq war, many felt like their […]

School Teacher from Samarra, Iraq: “They are Killing Us to Save Us!”

[ Once again, U.S. reports of casualties may be too rosy: According to doctors on the ground, about half of the bodies are noncombatants’. From the piece: An American spokesman … insisted that almost all the Iraqi dead were combatants. But according to doctors at the Samarra general hospital, of the first 47 bodies brought in, 11 were women, five children and seven elderly men. The hospital said it was running out of emergency supplies as more and more casualties arrived…. Homes were flattened and dozens of cars were set alight in yesterday’s operation. The people of Samarra, their electricity […]