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Pro-life? Look at the fruits

[ Here’s an interesting piece presenting an argument that if you are “prolife,” you ought to vote against Bush because of the relationship between increased abortion and decreased funding for social programs. From the piece: “[Anti-abortion] rhetoric is hollow … without health care, health insurance, jobs, child care, and a living wage. Pro-life in deed, not merely in word, means we need policies that provide jobs and health insurance and support for prospective mothers.” –BL ]13 October 2004 | Sojourners by Dr. Glen Harold Stassen I am a Christian ethicist, and trained in statistical analysis. I am consistently pro-life. My son […]

Why not eat children?: Reforms that are presented as economic necessities are in fact usually political choices

October 12, 2004 | The Guardian by Alan Freeman Is social justice possible in a world dominated by corporate globalisation? This Friday, more than 20,000 people, drawn from social movements, peace organisations and trade unions across Europe and the world, will converge on London for the third European Social Forum to debate how to change direction. The experience of two countries, in particular, poses the question most starkly: Germany’s welfare state reforms under Gerhard Schr?der, and the transformation of Venezuela under Hugo Chávez. The fundamental issue is: does society serve the economy, or should the economy serve society?

Propaganda from the U.S. State Department About Haiti

[ After helping orchestrate and support a coup against Aristide, the democratically elected leader of Haiti, U.S. officials have the audacity to complain that Haitian supporters of their former leader have still not accepted the U.S. interference in their country’s political process! Also notice how the Reuters piece below lets stand Boucher’s deceiving, propagandistic characterization of Aristide as using “street gangs to spread violence and political repression.” The article implies that the murders are committed by supporters of Aristide, but fails to mention the fatal attacks against hundreds of Aristide supporters after the U.S. coerced Aristide out of the country […]

Senate OKs $137 Billion Corporate Tax Cut

12 Oct. 2004 | DemocracyNow! The Senate yesterday approved a $137 billion corporate tax cut marking the biggest restructuring of the corporate tax code in two decades. One of the biggest winners is the tobacco industry which will receive a $10 billion buyout. Senator John McCain described the bill as a “disgrace” and a “complete sellout to the tobacco companies.” Originally Congress planned to give the tobacco industry $10 billion in exchange for allowing the Food and Drug Agency to increase regulation of their products. But legislators removed the FDA provision while preserving the tax break. The Center for American […]

FBI shuts down 20 antiwar web sites: an unprecedented act of Internet censorship

[ I have not noticed much coverage of this story by major media in the U.S. –BL ] 13 October 2004 | World Socialist Web Site WSWS correspondent The US government move to shut down nearly two dozen antiwar, anti-globalization web sites on October 7 is an unprecedented exercise of police power against political dissent on the Internet. The World Socialist Web Site denounces the attack on the Indymedia sites and demands a halt to all such attempts at suppressing political criticism of the US government.

Conservative TV Network to Air Anti-Kerry Documentary

[ Should Kerry get equal time? According to The Guardian (12 Oct. 2004), Under US broadcasting rules, the film actually gives airtime to Mr Kerry. Andrew Jay Schwartzman, who heads the Media Access Project watchdog, said: “The way our equal time law works depends on what candidate is appearing on the air – so the equal time rule would run to Bush, not to Kerry. It does not provide Kerry a right to reply.” –BL ]12 Oct. 2004 | DemocracyNow! The nation’s largest local television chain, the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, has ordered its 62 television stations to pre-empt its regular prime-time […]