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The Untold Story: Key Republicans Abandon Bush

Even Republicans Fear Bush 31 Oct. 2004 | The Nation by John Nichols The most divisive election campaign in recent American history has not merely split the nation along party lines, it has split the Grand Old Party itself. Unfortunately, most Americans are wholly unaware of the loud dissents against Bush that has begun to be heard in Republican circles.

More Smart People Against Bush

[ Nobel prize winners, scientists, economists, theologians, and academics in general — people who have been specially trained to think — have all come out in droves against Bush and Bush policies. Perhaps this protest led by Hawking is the icing on the cake. –BL ] Hawking to lead anti-war protest on election day 31 Oct. 2004 | The Independent by Andy McSmith Stephen Hawking, Britain’s most eminent scientist, has become the latest prominent opponent of the Iraq war by agreeing to take the lead role in a ceremonial protest to coincide with the United States presidential election. Peace protesters will […]