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Broward machines count backward

5 Nov. 2004 | Palm Beach Post by Eliot Kleinberg FORT LAUDERDALE — It had to happen. Things were just going too smoothly. Early Thursday, as Broward County elections officials wrapped up after a long day of canvassing votes, something unusual caught their eye. Tallies should go up as more votes are counted. That’s simple math. But in some races, the numbers had gone . . . down. Officials found the software used in Broward can handle only 32,000 votes per precinct. After that, the system starts counting backward.

“Kyoto is not enough”

Study: Arctic warming at twice the global rate; Species, including polar bears, may go extinct as ice melts 8 Nov. 2004 | Reuters OSLO, Norway — Global warming is heating the Arctic almost twice as fast as the rest of the planet in a thaw that threatens millions of livelihoods and could wipe out polar bears by 2100, an eight-nation report said on Monday. The biggest survey to date of the Arctic climate, by 250 scientists, said the accelerating melt could be a foretaste of wider disruptions from a build-up of human emissions of heat-trapping gases in Earth’s atmosphere.