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Syngenta’s Massive Lobbying Keeps Carcinogenic Corn Pesticide on Market

Company spent $260,000 lobbying for herbicide Oct. 27, 2004 | Associated Press by FREDERIC J. FROMMER WASHINGTON – The manufacturer of a herbicide that has been linked to frog deformities has spent $260,000 lobbying the Environmental Protection Agency and other government officials, an Associated Press review of disclosure forms shows. Syngenta Crop Protection, which makes the herbicide atrazine, enlisted former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole to meet with White House officials on at least one occasion. Dole represents the U.S. affiliate of Swiss-based Syngenta as well as the Kansas Corn Growers.

EPA Will Use Poor Kids as Guinea Pigs in New Study on Pesticides

16 Nov. 2004 | Organic Consumers Association Study Launch Date Suspended Until Early 2005 Offers Public Comment Period The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), led by Bush appointees, is seeking input on a new proposed study in which infants in participating low income families will be monitored for health impacts as they undergo exposure to known toxic chemicals over the course of two years. The study entitled Children?s Environmental Exposure Research Study (CHEERS) will look at how chemicals can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed by children ranging from babies to 3 years old. For taking part in these studies, each family […]

Still Confident of No Draft?

[ It might not be a bad idea to find the conscientious objection organization in your state, analogous to the Oklahoma Committee for Conscientious Objectors. Thanks to Bob Lee for passing this article along. –BL ] Government looking at military draft lists 15 Nov. 2004 | Brownsville Herald [Texas] Keywords: draft selective service by ALMA WALZER McALLEN — It’s taken one year, seven months and 19 days of combat in Iraq for the Lone Star State to lose 100 of its own. Texas is the second state, after California, to lose 100 service members, according to The Associated Press. With continuing […]

New York Times Rewrites Fallujah History

[ Here’s a copy of the email I sent to New York Times public editor Daniel Okrent: Mr. Okrent, I urge you to call for the investigation of why your paper treats credible reports of hundreds of civilian casualties in Fallujah as “unconfirmed.” After the Judith Miller incidents, you ought to be on your guard against being a mouthpiece in the Bush Administration propaganda war. Sincerely, –Brendan Lalor –BL ] November 16, 2004 | Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting In three recent reports about the military invasion of the Iraqi city of Fallujah, the New York Times has misreported the facts […]