Late/Missed work

Phi - for Philosophy

What about late work? Missed tests?

I enforce submission deadlines and late penalties to invite commitment to the intellectual work we do, and to provide motivation. So know your due dates!

Late quizzes or essays?

The grade book is set up to deduct 7% per day for late submissions of quizzes and essays. At the end of the semester, I will drop at least one quiz grade. That’s not a “free skip”; it’s for your emergency – the one you don’t know about yet. If you “use” the drop for something else, you won’t have it for your emergency.

Missed an exam?

You might have a legitimate “special case,” if, for instance:

  • you’re out of commission due to sleep-inducing medicine, and you have a note from a medical professional;
  • you were late because you had to go into surgery of a sudden;
  • you were detained because you were performing life-saving CPR;
  • etc.

If I accept late work, expect the grade to reflect a late-penalty.

There’s grace for legitimate delays. If your case is “special,” let me know beforehand and provide documentation, so that we can make arrangements.

Don’t expect grace if you have a thin excuse, or don’t put forth much effort, or neglect to clear missing a deadline with me ahead of time, and then run into difficulty at the last minute. In the case of exams, these will be zeros.