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The FBI’s Pre-Emptive Interrogations Of “Possible” Demonstrators: Chilling Political Speech

[ Conservative Bob Barr was a Republican Representative from Georgia until 2003, supported Pat Buchanan for president, and has been accused of being tied to white supremacist groups. But, as a traditional conservative sympathizer with privacy (apart from his support for the war on drugs!) and free speech, he naturally opposes the violations of basic rights under the Bush Administration. –BL ] Aug. 25, 2004 | FindLaw Legal Commentary by BOB BARR The FBI, no longer content with working to maintain order at political events, is now preemptively identifying and interrogating (“interviewing”) possible demonstrators. It has summarized this strategy in a […]

Just Deserters?: Soldiers are singing ‘O Canada.’ Is it the beginning of a Vietnam-like trend?

[ From one conscientious objector, Camilo Mejia: ?I cannot say that I [went to war] to help the Iraqi people. I cannot say that it was to make America and the world safer. I cannot say that it was for democracy. I cannot say that it was to prevent terrorism. I could not find a single good reason for having been there and having shot at people and having been shot at.” … ?But if I’m going to commit to killing people, there had better be a good reason. Not for the right of someone to drive an SUV with […]