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See DemocracyNow! for NYC Protest/GOP Convention Coverage

At Least 900 Arrested in Major RNC Protests 1 September 04 | DemocracyNow! In New York, nearly 1,000 people were arrested yesterday in widespread protests against the Republican National Convention. The protests were organized by the A31 Action Coalition, a decentralized umbrella group made up of scores of activist organizations and affinity groups. Yesterday’s arrests brought the number of arrests over the past five days to over 1500.

UN: No Definitive Evidence Iran Developing Nukes

1 September 04 | DemocracyNow! The International Atomic Energy Agency is preparing to release a report that states U.N. inspectors have not uncovered definitive evidence that Iran has a secret nuclear weapons program. This according to a report in the Washington Post based on interviews with diplomats who have seen the study. The Bush administration has claimed that Iran is three to five years away from building a nuclear bomb. In June the US shared intelligence tips with the UN atomic agency but the intelligence did not lead to any discoveries.

Welfare for the Rich: The government of the United States gives corporations and wealthy entrepreneurs in excess of $815 billion a year in tax relief and subsidies

26 August 2004 | Intervention Magazine by Lawrence J. McNamee Review of: Take the Rich Off Welfare (New Expanded Edition) by Mark Zepezauer; Consortium, 160 pages, 2004 Charles Dickens? memorable character Mr. Bumble, from the novel Oliver Twist, was an ironic spokesman for Victorian England?s parish welfare system. He had a simple rule for administering aid to the destitute: ?Give ?em plenty of what they don’t want.? Theresa Funacello?s 1980?s nonfiction book A Tyranny of Kindness alerted modern America to the reality that New York City?s welfare system was so maladministered and bureaucratic that few would want to remain on […]

Bush To Alter Economic Stats Again

1 September 04 | Misleader.org Last week, the Census Bureau released statistics showing that for the first time in years, poverty had increased for three straight years, while the number of Americans without health care increased to a record level.1 But instead of changing its economic and health care policies, the Bush administration today is announcing plans to change the way the statistics are compiled. The move is just the latest in a series of actions by the White House to doctor or eliminate longstanding and nonpartisan economic data collection methods.

Shrooms: Not Just For Salad Anymore

August 29, 2004 | AlterNet.org A visionary biologist says mushrooms are potent antiviral and antibacterial agents, as well as key boosters to the human immune system. They also might end up saving the Earth. by Kelly Hearn, AlterNet To lots of folks, a middle-aged man who says mushrooms can save the world falls into the category of turbo-freak. But to some environmentalists, scientists and major investors, Paul Stamets is the trippiest of profitable kings. “Mushrooms restore health both on the personal and ecological level,” says Stamets, mycologist and owner of Fungi Perfecti, a family-owned mushroom business in Shelton, Wash. “Mushrooms […]