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At Least 900 Arrested in Major RNC Protests

1 September 04 | DemocracyNow!

In New York, nearly 1,000 people were arrested yesterday in widespread protests against the Republican National Convention. The protests were organized by the A31 Action Coalition, a decentralized umbrella group made up of scores of activist organizations and affinity groups. Yesterday’s arrests brought the number of arrests over the past five days to over 1500.

The groups participating in yesterday’s coordinated actions ranged from the War Resisters League to the Ruckus Society to Code Pink to Direct Action to the San Francisco-based Stop the War.

Near Ground Zero, police preemptively arrested about 200 as they attempted to begin an unpermited peaceful procession to Madison Square Garden.

Yesterday afternoon protesters gathered outside Fox News to conduct a Shut-up-a-thon. Others rallied at the Soethby’s auction house to defend the legacy of Johnny Cash. Many more demonstrators conducted unpermited but non-violent direct action protests that crippled the area around Madison Square Garden and delayed some delegates from attending the convention.

And protests continue today. A symbolic unemployment line is being formed to stretch from Wall Street to Madison Square Garden.

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